New York Post: Mukasey’s son may run against Gillibrand because…his friends think he can win.

Apparently Michael Mukasey’s son is floating a challenge to Senate Kristen Gillibrand in New York. I ran across this by way of Glenn Greenwald mocking all the political nepotism going on that seems to be turning our country back into the hereditary rule we all ran away from – Liz Cheney, Dick Cheney’s daughter, Beau Biden, the AG of Delaware and Vice President Joe Biden’s son, and Luke Russert who has no discernible talent for journalism but seems regularly employed by MSNBC are just a few examples of that he noted.

There are many more.

Rather than address that, which I think Glenn has done well enough, I just want to make fun of Mukasey and the moron at the New York Post (Murdoch tabloid) that wrote the story for a few minutes.

“He could beat [Gillibrand],” a source said of Mukasey. – his best friend thinks he’s awesome. [I shouldn’t have to note how incredibly pathetic it is to give someone’s friend anonymity to speculate in their favor.]

“He has a known name, and he could get Republicans nationally behind him.” – The teabaggers will hate him.

“This has national appeal — because we could really use that vote right now.” – We’re that desperate.

Sources say Mukasey’s name has come up before — as a possible candidate for attorney general, a seat widely expected to be open thanks to Andrew Cuomo’s expected gubernatorial run.

Not a chance. Muksasey’s son may be a decent lawyer – which isn’t really in evidence – but the last two New York AG’s have been unabashed and strongly anti-corporate liberals, and both made a name for themselves prosecuting corporations and were launched into the governorship with unusual levels of popularity in an obviously liberal state.

And that’s the path a pro-corporate Republican neo-con, the son of one of America’s greatest pants-wetters over terrorism trials, is going to take?

I kind of doubt it.

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