A new low: the Republican party embraces terrorism and bombing government buildings

The Republican party has reached an all-time low by embracing a historical figure who was essentially a rather typical political terrorist. After riding hard against terrorism as their greatest political strength – while failing to make any progress against the threat of terrorism in the world – you’d think that Republicans would be intelligent enough to avoid singling out someone like Guy Fawkes as a messenger for their extremist, anti-government hatred.

I guess that would be giving conservative intellect too much credit in the modern era. Or perhaps they’ve realized that the American press is as dumb as they are, incapable of seeing this mess whofor what it is: epic message failure from the party of nothing but negative messaging.

This isn’t coming from one or two fringe candidates or the Tea Party fools, and it wouldn’t be newsworthy that America’s most visible fringe group is embracing an iconic terrorist. Because, like Fawkes, Tea Party’ers think violence against government is acceptable, though in this case that’s even in the presence of a functioning democracy. One that the Tea Party threatens to destroy in one breath, while decrying their hated political opponents as trying to destroy it themselves in the next.

Ever since the Tea Party was invented by corporate lobbying group Freedom Works – a group paid to lobby on behalf of America’s largest health insurance companies during the health care reform debate – America has seen a 300% increase in threats of violence against Congress.

That is not a coincidence.

We’ve seen bricks thrown through windows, black Congressmen spit on and called niggers, telephone death threats that have resulted in multiple arrests, increased activity from well armed anti-government militias plotting to kill police officers, white supremacy groups are thriving, and a disturbing number of conservativeswho appear guilty of the classical definition of sedition.

All because Republicans lost a couple of democratic elections.

Read that sixth paragraph again and I’d forgive you for thinking that the right couldn’t get any worse, but they have. Time’s Michael Scherer found a websitecreated by the Republican Governor’s Association glorifying Guy Fawkes.

Fawkes was a terrorist that planned to murder hundreds of innocent non-combatants by bombing the Palace of Westminster (London’s version of U.S. Capitol building, housing the the country’s legislators.) It would be overly simplistic to say that Fawkes was the 1500s version of William Ayers. Fawkes was actually worse, since Ayers’ group The Weather Underground never killed anyone.

That plot was ironically carried out by “a group of religious conspirators”.

The Republicans who spent the better part of two years whining about then-Senator Obama’s non-existent ties to Ayers are now aligning themselves with a real terrorist from the past whose best known for wanting to slaughter hundreds of innocents because of political disagreements.

It’s getting hard to know who to worry about more, the extremist militias who are actively plotting murder and treason, or the Republican party, which is feeding that paranoia and hatred with lies and aligning themselves with iconic domestic terrorists who want to violently overthrow a democratically elected government just a few months before the fall mid-term elections when – as the GOP has repeatedly promised – that same party will supposedly take back Congress with a million votes instead of a million dead Americans.


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