GOP Rep. Akin: Obama Is a “Flaming Socialist” on Debt Negotiations

In an interview with PoliticsMo, Rep. Todd Akin (R-OH) called President Obama a “flaming socialist” who is incapable of negotiating with Republicans on raising the debt ceiling. The fact that Akin would deem Obama a hardcore socialist after the president has caved to nearly every Republican demand, agreeing to slash trillions in spending and cut social safety net programs, in exchange for a what should be a non-controversial move to pay off the country’s debt shows just how far Akin is willing to diverge from reality to attack the president.

Rather, it shows how detached from reality Republicans are and how willing they are to say the boldest lies imaginable to the American people. And there will be no repercussions from this. It is excepted that nothing Republicans say is truthful so things like this aren’t a scandal, it’s the status quo. The non-reaction you’ll see is proof of that.

And this is why our government is so dysfunctional. You can’t have a good and effective government when part of it is run by serial liars with no morals or ethics.


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