Political analyst: If GOP wins White House, civil war could break out with Tea Party

Some political analyst is saying what has been painfully obvious for like three years now. If the GOP gains serious power (Senate and White House), the Tea Party extremists will cause a civil war within the party:

“John Boehner used to be one of the most conservative members. He came to Washington as a bomb thrower, he wanted to cut government, he wanted to reform things. Now he is the mainstream of the party. That just shows you where the party has moved to.”

Boehner will continue to be forced to consider Tea Party Republican’s views, Rothenberg said, “because he will need their help along the way. The Tea Party will be a significant force throughout the next year and a half.”

But he predicted serious problems if the Tea Party Republicans gain more clout.

“If they are ever in charge — if the Republicans win the White House or control the White House, Senate and House, you will see civil war break out,” Rothenberg said. “The Tea Party will think okay, now we can run the place. They will expect everything they want to be passed. It will be a huge problem for whoever the president is.”

You created this monster, GOP, hoping the Tea Party would do most of its damage to your enemies (e.g. people who think differently than you do). And as usually happens with monsters, they are going after everyone.


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