Most Americans favor Obama’s jobs plan, want Democrats to take back the House in 2012, like Occupy Wall Street, dislike the Tea Party

Two new polls highlighted by Greg Sargent will get little or no play in the “liberal” mainstream media, proving conclusively two things that should be immediately obvious to anyone who actually pays attention what the media says and does. First, there is no “liberal” media. Second, any news that’s not good news for conservatives and Republicans is ignored and buried unless it reaches a level of critical mass.

A joint poll by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal found that when told what President Obama’s jobs bill actually does (something the media always fails to do because they don’t see that as their job), the American people favor its provisions 63-32 (this was the same case with health care reform). This is the same jobs bill that Republicans in the Senate filibustered this weeknot even allowing the legislation to be debated, much less given a simple up-or-down vote. House Speaker John Boehner has promised to never let Obama’s jobs bill get a vote in the House.

Not surprisingly, then, NBC/WSJ also found that Americans already want Democrats to regain control of the House of Representatives just nine months after Republicans won a majority in last fall’s wave election, 45-41.

That bears repeating:

Report: GOP Speaker promises to never let Obama’s popular jobs bill get a vote in the House.
Poll: Americans want Democrats to control the House, 45-41.

The other poll by Time Magazine found that Americans favor the Occupy Wall Street movement 54-23, and disfavor the Tea Party movement 27-33. A plurality (40%) said the Tea Party movement has had a negative impact on politics.

That last poll result shouldn’t surprise anyone. While the Tea Party movement originally had a couple of populist sentiments (opposing the bank bailouts and civil liberties erosions), those concerns quickly took a back seat to highly partisan opposition to health care reform, and eventually plain opposition to Democrats controlling the federal government (and probably existing at all.)

That led to the Tea Party becoming extremely active in local and national elections with the goal of replacing all Democrats and insufficiently conservative Republicans in federal and state legislatures with truly “good” conservatives who would then carry out the favored political agenda of that special interest. The Tea Party quickly became a part of the machine and a part of the establishment it initially criticized in order to control it and then benefit from that control.

And it was largely successful. Nearly a hundred new Republicans were elected to Congress under the Tea Party banner (no Democrats or Independents were) and those people instantly began playing the usual Washington political games in the name of one special interest’s agenda, rather than trying to change things. Establishment party leaders like Michele Bachmann took on the mantel of the Tea Party in the House and used its name to enact her own agenda and the agenda of the professional right (oppose everything Democrats and Obama want, even if that’s also what most Americans want: see the jobs bill for just one example of that).

Despite pretending to be a populist movement made up of all Americans, the Tea Party was largely made up of disgruntled Republicans with one or two populist gripes that understood the path to seeing their political agenda pushed on an unwilling country was to support, control, and extend the Washington establishment. Tearing it down or reforming the establishment would mean losing the best tool for implementing their partisan agenda against the will of the people that just want the economy fixed. And as such, you now see the establishment-worshiping Tea Party movement savagely attacking the Occupy Wall Street movement precisely because it represents a threat to their establishment power.

It all comes back to what the American people want, not what any special interest, professional party, or movement wants. Right now, the American people want the jobs bill that Obama wrote and that Republicans are desperately blocking in Congress. They favor and agree with what the Occupy Wall Street movement is doing and don’t like the Tea Party very much. And most Americans already want Democrats back at the helm in the House next year, returning us to an all-Democratic federal government.

But since all of that is bad news for Republicans and conservatives, the “liberal” media will be covering these polls and the OWS movement 24/7.


Any minute now.

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