NC GOP moves to repeal law meant to fix conclusive racism in criminal trials

The GOP-dominated North Carolina Senate voted to repeal the Racial Justice Act yesterday, a state law which allows death row inmates to get their sentences converted to life in prison if they can prove that racism influenced the outcome of their trial:

Senate Republicans were spurred in their campaign by a Cumberland County judge’s findings last year that jury selection in the cases of four death-row inmates was tainted by conclusive evidence of racism, a ruling that automatically converted their sentences to life in prison without parole. Those were the first four of more than 150 challenges filed under the 2009 version of the law.

Can’t get more clear than that. When a judge found “conclusive evidence of racism”, the Republican Party’s response wasn’t to take action to correct that injustice and to prevent it from ever happening again. They immediately set to work to repeal a law which tried to fix that injustice.

Could you have a more in-your-face embrace of racism by Republicans than this in the modern era?

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