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What the IRS did wrong: it didn’t go far enough

You may or may not remember Dean Chambers, the “unskewed polls” guy, a conservative who had his 15 minutes of fame (and now years of infamy) late in the 2012 election cycle when he decided that all mainstream polls were skewed to favor Barack Obama, based on his misunderstanding of how polling works.

I won’t go into details of what he did wrong, but Chambers was at the forefront of the poll birther movement amongst conservatives. Arguably he started it.

Chambers “unskewed” polls from nationally respected polling firms with decades of solid performance behind them by intentionally skewing the so-called “turnout model”, something that Dean wrongly thought that these pollsters were already doing, based on his belief that either more Republicans would turn out to vote than Democrats, or that they’d turn out in roughly equal numbers.

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Michele Bachmann’s bad day on top of a pathetic career

Michele Bachmann (R-MN)Michele Bachmann recently crawled out from under a rock to politicize the IRS “scandal” to help herself get reelected in what’s looking like a tough race in a heavily gerrymandered district that should by all rights be an easy win for any Republican.

All three lies are new spins on old fear-mongering talking points the GOP has used to turn people against good and common sense health care reform.

The first simply invented the existence of a of a national health care database run by the IRS which will include your most personal and intimate secrets. No such database does or will exist, resulting in a “Pants on Fire”, Politifact’s most severe rating that’s reserved for the worst of the worst lies.

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The Benghazi, IRS, and AP/DoJ nothing burgers

PPP is out with a poll showing that even Republican voters aren’t buying the professional GOP’s story on Benghazi. Voters trust former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over Congressional Republicans on Benghazi by 10 points, 43% don’t know where Benghazi is, only 23% believe Benghazi is the biggest scandal ever, and more people think Congress should be focusing on immigration reform and passing universal background checks on gun purchases than investigating Benghazi.

Respondents who voted for Mitt Romney reject Bengahzi being the biggest scandal ever by 8 points.

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