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Jan 24 Don’t be so thin-skinned
Jan 26 Iowa Republicans censor reporter because of her political views


Aug 03 QAnon: The deepest, darkest psychotics around
Trump’s vote fraud commission found nothing
Aug 16 538: Dems have 75% chance to win House majority


Feb 12 Keeping your mouth shut as a virtue
Feb 13 Scalia’s death puts the GOP in a real bind
Oct 04 Thoughts on the VP debate
Nov 08 Hillary Clinton will win tonight, here’s why


Jan 08 Fox News is raising an entire generation of fools
Jan 15 Is a general theory of conservatism possible?
Jan 23 The three faces of the Republican Party
Jan 25 Into the minds of the one percent: attacks on the rich are just like what the Nazi’s did to Jews
Mar 18 Highlighting anonymous cowards
Mar 25 Beware your prophets
Anonymous sourcing problems at the New York Times
Mar 28 538’s climate science data problem compounded by legal threats
Mar 31 Romney-Ryan 2016?
The GOP’s March Disaster: Obamacare worked, and people like it
Apr 03 A path to better government and a lasting Democratic Senate Majority
Apr 28 Oops, turns out Donald Sterling is a Republican.
Jun 04 The modern American conservative is completely full of shit
Jun 22 This is why the GOP has no friends
Jul 11 On Israel being typically awful, Boehner being an imbecile
Jul 13 This Minnesota Republican thinks AIDS in men is caused by sperm itself


Jan 11 Democrats as their own worst enemy
Jan 12 No second amendment for you
Jan 14 The GOP’s mentally unstable base of power
Misunderstanding the platinum coin
Jan 15 Do 8-in-10 Americans think owning a gun is not a right?
Jan 16 Texas, Wyoming, guns and armed insurrection
Jan 18 Are 64% of Republicans birthers?
Common sense or debt trap?
Jan 20 Protect oil infrastructure, but who should pay?
Jan 21 Two more red states join the insurrection party
Jan 22 Criticism of Israel is not automatically antisemitism
Jan 23 When a simple lack of respect can be fatal to a party of millions
Jan 24 A path for the GOP to win 2016
Allen West lectures women on serving in combat
Jan 28 What Fox News probably isn’t telling you about the economy
Jan 29 Election theft by design
Jan 31 No, that negative GDP report wasn’t “bad”, and yes, it proved Keynes right yet again
Feb 02 This is Obama’s worst week ever? Really?
Feb 03 Iraq vet murders Navy SEAL at Texas gun range
Feb 05 Out of control spending: fact or fiction
Feb 06 More American war crime memos, drones, and assassinating entire American families
Annual poll: PBS most trusted, Fox News least, and still the right’s only news source
Feb 07 Damsel, Arise: A Westboro Scion Leaves Her Church
The “unskewed polls” guy is back to faking polls
Feb 08 The Undecade
Friends of Fraud
Fox News guest supports drone assassinations by getting everything wrong
Feb 12 All 22 votes against the Violence Against Women Act were Republican men
2013 State of the Union link
We’ve been down this road before
Feb 13 It’s over: the “out of control spending” myth revealed
Feb 15 Ted Cruz (R-TX), 2016?
Feb 26 Winning
Mar 12 Ryan’s long con continues
Apr 03 NC GOP proposes law claiming the first amendment doesn’t apply to the states, in order to protect state mixing with religion
Apr 04 North Carolina GOP introduce saner voter ID bill
Here come the vote suppression laws
NC GOP moves to repeal law meant to fix conclusive racism in criminal trials
NC GOP looks to cut taxes, increase budget deficit
Corruption, theocracy, racism, and budget deficits in red NC
Apr 05 GOP austerity brings economy to a virtual halt
Democrats would win House in a landslide in 2014 without GOP gerrymandering
Federal judge nixes HHS political interference over contraception pill
Apr 16 Virtually every modern conservative theory of economics has been proven wrong
Apr 17 Obama’s economy better than Bush’s?
May 14 The Benghazi, IRS, and AP/DoJ nothing burgers
May 21 Michele Bachmann’s bad day on top of a pathetic career
May 28 What the IRS did wrong: it didn’t go far enough
Jun 04 I want the conservative to win
Jun 07 When citizens are forced to be journalists
Jun 08 Administration claims that newly-revealed spying programs thwarted a terrorist attack appear false
Jun 09 Left vs Right on the national security surveillance state
Changing attitudes on the USA PATRIOT Act
Jun 10 68% say Edward Snowden is a hero
Jun 15 Snowden leaks already have been enormously consequential
Jun 17 Edward Snowden chat transcript, 2013-06-17
Edward Snowden personally addresses “direct access”, why he went to Hong Kong, and other questions in live Q&A
Jun 23 NSA whistle blower Snowden left Hong Kong for Russia
How tomorrow’s same-sex cases may play out in the Supreme Court
Jun 24 North Carolina voters already disgusted with their new all-GOP state government
Jun 25 Why the Voting Rights Act crumbling could be a good thing
Jun 27 Oh, good. The NSA had a boundless email dragnet, too.
Jun 28 NEW DETAILS: NSA can record and store up to one billion cell phone calls per day
Jul 01 NSA’s storage capabilities for voice data could be of unprecedented scale
Jul 08 Living in a democracy means not always getting what you want
Jul 23 Leaked report shows high civilian death toll from CIA drone strikes
Things America does that really piss me off
Jul 24 House nearly defunds controversial NSA domestic spying programs
Jul 28 Cumulus planning to drop Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity
Jul 30 Bringing John Keynes back from the dead (A rebuttal to Rick Kelo and other confused austarians)
Aug 14 Today’s biggest deficit problem: A Clueless America
Aug 17 Destroying the legacy of Art Bell with murderers and bigots
Aug 20 The era of Big Spending and plummeting deficits
Aug 22 Where we stand on 2014 mid-term election
80 House Republicans want Obamacare defunded because of the IRS scandal
Aug 23 A GOP wave that could win the House for Democrats
Exploiting murders for political gain
Aug 25 The myths of deficit hawks
Aug 26 Miley Cyrus and the issues of slut-shaming and racial condescension
Sep 04 Hypocrisy on immigration and misc matters
Sep 06 Syria, jobs, health care, misc issues
Sep 11 Republicans won nothing in the Colorado recalls
Sep 12 North Carolina’s GOP is in very deep shit
Sep 15 Alternative Fiscal Fail
Sep 19 You can’t defund Obamacare; misc items
Sep 20 Republicans are in complete disarray
Sep 22 Conservative-on-conservative violence over Obamacare continues
Sep 23 Super post, Sep 23 2013 polls, news, and tweets.
Sep 25 Obamacare won’t screw you, but red-state sabotage probably will
Sep 29 Republicans know only how to fail
Sep 30 The terrible, awful, horrible, no-good Obamacare
Report: GOP moderates preparing revolt on House floor
Oct 01 Poll shows Americans swiftly and harshly turn against GOP
Oct 02 The GOP Effect: not understanding Obamacare
Oct 03 This is why Obamacare is keeping the GOP awake at night
More than a few unasked questions about the incident in the capitol
Oct 04 Our casual acceptance of violence and death says a lot about America
Oct 07 What extreme really means
Oct 09 Bain to the rescue? It’d be more pleasant to hang yourself.
Oct 11 Where Republicans will hurt the most in the next few years
Oct 14 This is who shut down your government
Oct 15 Fiscal conservatism, fiscal sham.
GOP source: It’s over, Boehner will give in tomorrow (15th)
Oct 16 What’s in the deal that ends the shutdown tonight
Oct 18 Fox News gets into the propaganda business
Oct 24 GOP fiscal policy is the real disaster
Nov 01 Poll details continue to show most Americans support Obamacare
Nov 05 When getting kicked in the balls counts as a win
Nov 07 Rand Paul’s big problem
’60 Minutes’ Benghazi report completely implodes
Nov 08 CBS News apologizes for misleading Benghazi story; book publisher yanks book at center of controversy
Nov 21 “Don’t blame radical right Senators for nuclear option. Blame moderate GOPers, who, over and over again, voted to filibuster.”
Nov 23 Who would benefit if America were more democratic?
Dec 12 Reminder 532,919,442: Republicans invented Obamacare.
Dec 17 Forget 2016, union bashing Walker may not survive 2014.
Dec 21 Obama administration contradicts its new spying advisory committee in court


Feb 23 When are ugly email spats a crime?
Feb 26 Bigot Juan Williams interviews racist Pat Buchanan on Fox “News”
Feb 29 Scott Walker Imports Voter Suppression Thugs In Wisconsin Recall
Blue States Are the Providers, Red State Are the Parasites
Obama guts law requiring military detention for terrorism suspects
Mar 01 Breitbart’s Death: The Conspiracy Insta-Theories
Mar 02 Media ignores Rick Santorum’s extremist views while making him apologize for calling someone a mean name
Mar 09 More good economic news and what it means for November
May 25 Watch as the right distorts facts, lies, and spreads political propaganda
May 31 In which I call out a lying ass
Jun 24 Bigotry from the right (a rebuttal)
Jun 25 75% of Arizona’s immigration law challenged struck down
Jun 27 Congress, NRA, gun-rights advocates largely at fault for Fast and Furious
Jul 04 Roberts scorned for not being sufficiently activist and political
Jul 12 Scott Brown (R-MA) introduces bill that could allow Fox News to be banned by the government, Rush Limbaugh to be imprisoned
Jul 20 Soak the rich? Hang ’em high and squeeze them dry.
Aug 10 Mitt Romney is in trouble
Aug 11 Ryan a reliably conservative vote, somewhat to the right of the GOP center, very moderate compared to Ron Paul
Aug 12 Scott Brown (R-MA) introduces bill that could allow Fox News to be banned by the government, Rush Limbaugh to be imprisoned
Aug 16 Ryan does little to help Romney, poses some risks
Aug 24 Academic model shows a big win for Mitt Romney this fall
Sep 05 Watch Democrats commit blatant fraud to jam God and Israel back into the official party platform
Sep 07 Democratic National Convention easily tops GOP counterpart
Sep 10 In 24 hours, Mitt Romney says he’ll keep parts of Obamacare, then he won’t, then he will
Sep 12 GOP insiders: This is Romney’s “Lehman moment”, “not ready for prime time”, “unbelievable”, “disgrace”, and “a disaster”
Sep 13 Federal Reserve decides to print $480 billion to boost economy, and the business sector loves it
Sep 14 Plurality of Americans don’t like Mitt Romney, majority don’t like the GOP; Obama has lead or tied in 57 of the last 66 polls.
Sep 17 Five more points on Mitt Romney’s plan to nowhere
Sep 18 No change in control projected for House, Senate, White House in 2013
Sep 26 Obama’s surge in Florida and Ohio ends Mitt Romney’s campaign if it holds
Sep 27 The election has begun: 40 days until it ends.
Sep 28 39 Days: Obama leads in every single tossup/battleground state
Oct 01 36 days: Romney may have already lost Ohio; Where to see Wed’s debate, Dems beating GOP in new voter registration again, Americans think Obama will win by 2-to-1, more..
Oct 02 35 days: Early voting battle sees Dems top GOP in Iowa 3-to-1, GOP tops in NC 1.7-to-1
Oct 03 A little taste of November the 7th
34 Days: Latest polls and pre-debate news
Oct 04 32 Days: Romney did well, and why it probably doesn’t matter
Oct 05 31 Days: Romney “winning” debate hasn’t moved tracking polls an inch; Why the job report was good news
Oct 08 28 Days: Romney definitely gains in polls, with *lots* of caveats
Oct 09 27 Days: National public polling still unstable, Obama still big favorite to win electoral college
Oct 10 26 Days: Q&A round 3, ask me anything about politics and the election!
Oct 11 25 Days: I’ll take that poll, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it…
Oct 15 21 Days: Mitt Romney’s bounce recedes nationally and in some swing states, losing electoral college 281-248
Oct 16 20 Days: I reject your reality and substitute it with my own.
Post-debate snap polls: Five polls in, including a swing state, Obama “won” them all.
Oct 17 19 Days: Romney up by 6 with Gallup, but Obama wins all post-debate snap polls
Oct 18 18 Days: A new tracker, a new aggregator, another DOMA loss, and news.
Oct 19 17 Days: Romney sinking in battleground state, national polls, trackers, electoral college — basically everywhere
Oct 22 14 Days: Trackers and national polls tied up, electoral college still showing a comfortable Obama victory
Oct 23 Four snap polls, four Obama victories; CBS: Obama wins by 30 points, larger than Romney’s first debate win
13 Days: America is getting what it says it always wants: two centrists more concerned with winning than standing for something.
Oct 24 12 Days: Trackers tease a big debate bump for Obama. Maybe.
Oct 25 11 Days: Looking at the numbers, Obama’s convention performance may be what got him a second term.
Oct 26 10 Days: Five of seven battleground states move toward Obama… barely.
Oct 29 7 Days: The Breaking Point
Oct 30 6 Days: Where I Go Dark
Nov 01 4 Days: Romney lost ground in 6 of 8 battleground states while I was gone
No, Mitt Romney is not set to win by a mile
Nov 02 3 Days: It’s time to say it, Mitt Romney is in deep shit.
Nov 03 Two Days: And So It Begins
Nov 04 One Day: No Surrender, No Retreat
Landslide watch, or idiot watch?
Nov 05 30 hours: Intersections in Real Time
Nov 06 The Long Night
Nov 14 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Nov 15 Rubio joins Jindall in rebuking Limbaugh and Romney
Maine GOP Chairman to investigate why there are black people in Maine
Dick Morris has learned nothing
Dec 28 The John Boehner Fiscal Cliff, and everyone is now Keynesian


Jul 08 Nobody loves the nanny state quite as much as the Republican Party
Jul 15 Alleged Norwegian Terrorist Posted Video Outlining His Conservative Beliefs, Depicts President Obama As A ‘Marxist’
Jul 16 Fox Juxtaposes Norwegian Terrorist Attack, NYC (PARK 51) Islamic Center
Jul 22 MSNBC re-establishes its credentials as an upstanding member of the sycophantic, rotten and corrupt media
Jul 25 GOP Rep. Akin: Obama Is a “Flaming Socialist” on Debt Negotiations
Since Norway Massacre, At Least Four Mass Shootings In The U.S.
Repubs ask court to toss same-sex marriage in NY on technicality
Glenn Beck compares Norwegian campers to “the Hitler youth”
Arkansas High School Appoints White Co-Valedictorian Because Top Student Was Black
Jul 26 WorldNetDaily: Oslo Attacks Were a Left-Wing Conspiracy
Jul 27 He’s labeled a sex offender — for sleeping with his own wife
Jul 29 GOP’s anti-union agenda will add $930 million per month to deficit
Boehner Wars
Aug 01 Is the GOP too successful for its own good?
Aug 02 The Tea Party’s War on America
Bush and Reagan admin economist: Abolish the debt ceiling law
Aug 03 If the Tea party won, America lost
Aug 04 Corruption Journal: Oversight scandals and election stealing
Mitt Romney Has the Creepiest Secret Rich People Donors
Political analyst: If GOP wins White House, civil war could break out with Tea Party
Dow Jones Plunges Over 400 Points as Investors Panick
Aug 05 Corruption Journal: I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen.
Aug 08 The politics of optics and ancient warfare
Aug 24 Ron Paul’s faux libertarianism
Aug 29 GOP oversight chairman re-fills the swamp with corruption and abuse
Excusing Bush’s damaging policies to give yourself a free pass for supporting them
Aug 30 America doesn’t have a spending problem. It has a tax problem.
Sep 02 Despite 40% job approval, Obama still leading (and in some cases stomping) GOP 2012 field
Sep 21 On PPP’s impeccable polling record and Elizabeth Warren booting Scott Brown
Sep 26 Almost half of GOP 2012 hopefuls are regular liars; lying correlates almost perfectly with radicalism
Sep 27 Once a reliable GOP bloc, American Muslims now backing Democrats in droves
Sep 29 It became class warfare when “rich” became a synonym for “Republican”
Oct 06 The Occupy Wall Street movement is what the Tea Party pretended to be, but never was.
Oct 07 Why the Tea Party right is terrified by the Wall Street Protests
Oct 13 Most Americans favor Obama’s jobs plan, want Democrats to take back the House in 2012, like Occupy Wall Street, dislike the Tea Party
Oct 18 President Obama is not on our side. Democrats are not on our side. Republicans are not on our side. #OWS
Oct 22 Rick Perry: George Bush is endangering the troops
Oct 24 Why They Fight
Oct 26 Police in New York and Oakland get violent against Occupy Wall Street, flash bangs and teargas to be replaced by military drones in American police state
Oct 31 “The number of questionable and possibly illegal transactions conducted on behalf of Herman Cain is staggering”
Nov 21 Violent American police state actions against OWS bring visions of Kent State
Dec 19 Fifth 2012 GOP candidate in a row inflates, then pops (Gingrich edition)
Dec 20 Former Newsviner gets lit up by Right-Wing Watch


Mar 29 If Dems should have abandoned HCR over public opposition, why didn’t GOP abandon the Iraq War, Bush tax cuts, and drop oppo to Sotomayor and a dozen other issues?
Mar 30 The wide gap between conservative treatment of accused Christian domestic terrorists, and accused foreign, Muslim terrorists
Apr 27 A new low: the Republican party embraces terrorism and bombing government buildings


Aug 03 Unpatriotic Fox refuses to cover White House presser. Again
Explosive GE/NBC and News Corp/Fox News censorship scandal grows wider with talk of “joint defiance”, mini-strikes, and prolonged absences from inside the newsroom
Aug 05 Keith Olbermann confirms censorship scandal of NBC News/MSNBC by GE, and of Fox News by News Corp.
Aug 07 47% of Republicans don’t think North America and Africa were once a part of the same continent (Pangea), another 29% aren’t sure
Aug 19 Dumb People Don’t Deserve Health Care Reform
It’s time to push back, and push back hard. It’s time for single-payer.
Sep 01 Republican gubernatorial candidate yells “We hate America” and “I hate that flag”
Sep 05 Unpatriotic Fox refuses to air third Obama presser in a row
Sep 10 Fox’s greed and political bias cost it the ratings race last night
Sep 12 Surprise: far right lies about size of D.C. teaparty protests, inflates size by over *66 times*
Sep 16 Conservatives pretend statement on record Obama inauguration crowd size was actually about 9/12 protests
Sep 18 Neo-con intelligence officials brazenly demand President interfere with, stop criminal investigation
Sep 29 Rolling Stone: health care town hall protests tightly orchestrated by corporate funded “right-wing groups”, health care lobbyists
Sep 30 “We’re all going to die” rhetoric wearing so thin that the right encourages military coup to solve their political problems (updated)
Oct 03 Who hates America now? Republicans cheer America losing Olympics: “I don’t deny it. I’m happy.” (updated)
Oct 16 The real boobs here belong to the Republican party, not Meghan McCain
Oct 18 Special Comment: There is literally nothing that neo-conservative Republicans aren’t wrong about when it comes to Israel
Oct 22 Republican Fraud Ring in Connecticut Caught Impersonating Dozens of Democrats Online
Oct 25 More fraud: Georgia GOP sends out fake census survey
Oct 28 House Republicans protest frivolous Dem bills; introduce frivolous GOP bill celebrating Fox News D.C. protests, cite inflated crowd sizes
Nov 03 NY-23 doesn’t mean anything for 2010, even if Republicans win tonight
Nov 04 Democrats won both national elections last night, giving them even more votes for health care reform. The GOP won..what, exactly?
Nov 14 Greenwald: The Right’s textbook “surrender to terrorists” is a level of cowardice unmatched in the world
Nov 19 Systematically deconstructing right-wing fear mongering surrounding terrorism trials in New York
Dec 07 Sarah Palin’s racism and bigotry doesn’t make her stand out on the right, it makes her fit in
Dec 15 New York Post: Mukasey’s son may run against Gillibrand because…his friends think he can win.