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This is why the GOP has no friends

I don’t think anybody is really happy with President Obama these days, but there’s a reason that he’s far more┬ápopular with the public than Republicans are:

The South Dakota Republican Party state convention passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama Saturday.

The resolution says Obama has “violated his oath of office in numerous ways.” It specifically cites the release of five Taliban combatants in a trade for captive U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, Obama’s statement that people could keep insurance companies, and recent EPA regulations on power plants.

In other words they want Obama impeached because he’s a Democrat and he’s President. Not for the legitimate NSA domestic spying scandal, or for killing American citizens overseas with due process-free drone strikes, or for ignoring federal laws. They want him impeached because he’s pushing the EPA (with his constitutional authority) to do their job keeping the environment clean.

This, folks, is why Obama’s job approval rating is 30 points higher than the Congressional GOP despite the actual rating being in the 40s. It’s why Republicans would have lost their majority in the House of Representatives in 2012, if not for gerrymandering, why Hillary Clinton — who will be about as popular as Obama by election day — will probably walk away with the contest two years from now, why Republicans Governors are set to be massacred this fall, and one of the reasons why Republicans will lose seats in the Senate in 2016 and 2018.

A party that behaves like this is not a legitimate entity. It’s just not.

Obama’s surge in Florida and Ohio ends Mitt Romney’s campaign if it holds

Today’s very bad day for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan:

* Tracking polls are junk, but Gallup has Obama up by three point over Romney, Obama’s job approval is up to 51%.

* The Times/CBS/Quinnipiac has Obama pulling away in Ohio (+10) and Florida (+9), two states that Obama can lose while still having a decent shot at winning the electoral college, and two states that Mitt Romney absolutely cannot win without. He’s also leading by 12 points in Pennsylvania. Obama leads by 25% amongst Women in Ohio. Obama was only leading by 2 points in the previous poll of Ohio by that pollster.

* Same poll: Obama leading Romney amongst African Americans in Ohio 98-0.

*Obama is surging in support amongst… Catholics, now up 54-39.

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Laughing ObamaEllen Carmichael is a former communications director for Herman Cain’s presidential campaign and a propagandist in the truest sense of the word. Reading her Twitter stream is no different than reading press releases from the Republican National Committee, or in this case, literally repeating verbatim, press releases from the Romney Campaign that look like they were written by a stupid and vindictive child.

If there is one place to see the opposite of reality, this is it.

This Tweet came from this embarrassing press release published on September 7th, carrying the title “PRESIDENT OBAMA’S TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD WEEK”.

I sincerely hope that the Romney campaign isn’t paying money to have these written.

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