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QAnon: The deepest, darkest psychotics around

I needed something new to do on my breaks at work after using up all my phone’s data not even two weeks into the month of July, so I loaded my tablet with books and saved articles that I’m finally reading after saving them and then ignoring them for months, if not longer. (Google Books and Amazon’s Kindle app for Android gear are great, as is Pocket for saved stories).

It took a few half-hour breaks to get through it, but Joseph Bernstein’s story about Lane Davis was a compelling, though quite tragic, read that was one of the first things I ventured through after getting myself somewhat disconnected from the online world for 30 minutes of my day.

Lane was my introduction to the far right’s latest psychotic obsession, that all liberals are secret pedophiles who are working together to normalize child abuse. No, really: All of them.

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Are 64% of Republicans birthers?

It turns out that the answer is probably not, but not yes or no, either. Fairleigh Dickinson University released a poll and some analysis on popular conspiracy theories yesterday and the aftermath today was ugly. Salon, Think Progress, and presumably other sites jumped the gun by declaring that more than two-in-three Republicans are birthers, but the poll never asked that question.

In fact it didn’t ask any questions at all, it made statements and then asked people how they felt about them. Two statements about voter fraud in 2008 and 2012 were alright, as far as the way they were worded, so I won’t talk about them here. The other two were worded quite poorly.

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