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Dick Morris has learned nothing

Dick Morris is so consistently wrong about everything he says, that he’s almost God-like in predicting what things will come true if you believe the exact opposite of what he says.

Here he is about why Mitt Romney lost Ohio:

But the real reason is that the whites who supported Romney didn’t turn out to vote. Just look at the fact, brought to my attention by National Review and Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, that Obama carried Ohio by 107,000 votes (some are still being counted) and that Romney got about 100,000 fewer votes than McCain! (2,677,820 for McCain v. 2,583,580 for Romney). Romney really lost by failing to turn out his base even as Obama was doing a very good job of getting his to the polls.

One of the reasons I wanted to wait a week or two for my post election analysis was to wait for slow states to fully count things like absentee ballots, so that we have a complete picture of the popular vote before making conclusions. This is why you don’t do that. The above post by Morris isn’t even a day old, yet it’s already out of date for election returns. Ohio is reporting at 90% as I wrote this post and the gap between Romney’s votes and McCain’s in 2008 is already down to 84,041.

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