Repubs ask court to toss same-sex marriage in NY on technicality

There had been a trend I’ve noticed of some conservative opponents of gay marriage who have resolved themselves to accepting same-sex marriage when passed by a state legislature, as opposed to legalized through the courts. I guess their thinking is that if it’s done by the legislature, then it’s an expression of the will of the people. But if done by a court — even if it’s a ruling that bans violate the state or federal Constitution — it’s somehow tyranical and legislating from the bench. (This is ignoring the fact that conservatives love to wrap themselves in the flag as the biggest lovers and defenders of the Constitution when it’s conveinent to do so.)

Apparently that trend is over:

Conservative groups on Monday filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court challenging the legality of the state’s same-sex marriage law.

The lawsuit, in which New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom (NYCF) is the primary plaintiff, seeks an injunction on the Marriage Equality Act, claiming that open meeting laws were violated, campaign contributions were promised, and Senate rules on debate were violated in order to enact the law, which took effect on Sunday.

This is especially ironic since conservatives overwhlemingly opposed the lawsuit in Wisconsin that attempted to strike down Governor Walker’s deeply unpopular anti-union law for … violating an open meetings law.

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