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Violent American police state actions against OWS bring visions of Kent State

y30_RTR2UCTQ.jpgA disheartening but not unsurprising development surrounding the Occupy movement has been the emergence of people who support the kind of brutality and excessive force against innocents that is the signature of a police state. There will always be a sect of authoritarians in any population that supports government oppression, police brutality, unchecked government powers, unending wars, a magically shrinking list of rights that are increasing limited only to a perverted and impossible idea of a perfect citizen.

In fact the kind of authoritarianism we’re experiencing in America cannot exist without the support of a large portion of the population defending it, so long as it doesn’t personally effect them.

Americans have been trained not to question police brutality, to defend it when they do see it and actually see it as a positive, and to accept the twisted philosophy that anyone arrested and harmed by the police deserved what they got because they were guilty.

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