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“The number of questionable and possibly illegal transactions conducted on behalf of Herman Cain is staggering”

While the infantile and easily distracted media has found what it longs for and obsesses over endlessly, another tawdry sex scandal and sure ratings bonanza, it appears that far more troubling legal problems for Herman Cain and his early campaign associates is going to be largely ignored by the media, and will probably not result in prosecutions or even a serious investigation:

Herman Cain’s two top campaign aides ran a private Wisconsin-based corporation that helped the GOP presidential candidate get his fledgling campaign off the ground by originally footing the bill for tens of thousands of dollars in expenses for such items as iPads, chartered flights and travel to Iowa and Las Vegas – something that might breach federal tax and campaign law, according to sources and documents. [..]

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Police in New York and Oakland get violent against Occupy Wall Street, flash bangs and teargas to be replaced by military drones in American police state

Most Occupy Wall Street protests have been peaceful, but the response by American police have been anything but. Oakland’s transit system authority shut down the 12th Street BART station in order to keep citizens from attending a protest – possibly an unconstitutional action – and then fired teargas grenades, flash bang grenades, and rubber bullet weapons directly at the protestors who did show up.

Video taken from a local TV station’s news helicopter show police firing military “flash bangs” directly into crowds of peaceful protestors on public property who have every legal right to be there under the first amendment. Flash bangs were invented by British special forces as a weapon of war, and despite their non-lethal designation, can still cause severe burns, permanent damage to hearing, and ignite fires. Flash bangs have even caused deaths. A woman in New York died from a heart attack caused by a stun grenade in 2003, and a highly trained and most likely well armored SWAT officer in North Carolina was killed when one of his own grenades accidentally detonated.

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Why They Fight

Old schoolTwo things perfectly explain the existence of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Contrast this:

The CEO of what had been one of the nation’s largest privately held mortgage lenders was sentenced Tuesday to more than three years in prison for his role in a $3 billion scheme that officials called one of the biggest corporate frauds in U.S. History.

The 40-month sentence for Paul R. Allen, 55, of Oakton, Va., is slightly less than the six-year term sought by federal prosecutors.

With this:

A homeless man robbed a Louisiana bank and took a $100 bill. After feeling remorseful, he surrendered to police the next day.The judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

I used to joke that the worst crime you could commit in the United States wasn’t rape or murder. It was stealing money from rich people. Bernard Madoff may have ruined the financial lives of countless people and got what he had coming to him, but to my knowledge he never killed anyone or harmed someone in a way that they could never recover from it. Yet Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison while actual murderers could be back on the streets less than a decade after ending someone’s life.

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Rick Perry: George Bush is endangering the troops

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry stole a time machine, traveled back in time a few years, and accused President Bush Saturday of endangering U.S. troops by announcing plans to end the nation’s military role in Iraq by Christmas of 2011.

“The last thing you want to do is put those men and women’s lives in peril, and I think that’s what the president’s done by making a political statement to his base that he’s going to be out of Iraq by a date certain,” Perry said.

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President Obama is not on our side. Democrats are not on our side. Republicans are not on our side. #OWS

Protesters in Phoenix, AZ.I support the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is why I said “our” and not “their” in the title of this story. But I do not pretend to represent it or speak for it.

I also voted for President Obama in 2008 and given the choice between GOP-lite, and full-on GOP, I’ll probably take the lite again next year.

That said, President Obama is not on the side of OWS. That is just one of many false narratives being spread by various establishment factions (GOP, media, Dems, Tea Party) for the purpose of subsuming and then controlling – or attacking and then destroying – a movement that threatens their base of power. The idea that the president is on the side of people who want criminal investigations of Wall Street for their role in causing the financial collapse and subsequent recession is hilarious in the face of things like this:

New York Times, August 21st, 2011:

image-17-30eec797ba0c23d2051d6836cd0295c7.jpgEric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general of New York, has come under increasing pressure from the Obama administration to drop his opposition to a wide-ranging state settlement with banks over dubious foreclosure practices, according to people briefed on discussions about the deal.

In recent weeks, Shaun Donovan, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and high-level Justice Department officials have been waging an intensifying campaign to try to persuade the attorney general to support the settlement, said the people briefed on the talks.

Mr. Schneiderman and top prosecutors in some other states have objected to the proposed settlement with major banks, saying it would restrict their ability to investigate and prosecute wrongdoing in a variety of areas, including the bundling of loans in mortgage securities.

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Most Americans favor Obama’s jobs plan, want Democrats to take back the House in 2012, like Occupy Wall Street, dislike the Tea Party

Two new polls highlighted by Greg Sargent will get little or no play in the “liberal” mainstream media, proving conclusively two things that should be immediately obvious to anyone who actually pays attention what the media says and does. First, there is no “liberal” media. Second, any news that’s not good news for conservatives and Republicans is ignored and buried unless it reaches a level of critical mass.

A joint poll by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal found that when told what President Obama’s jobs bill actually does (something the media always fails to do because they don’t see that as their job), the American people favor its provisions 63-32 (this was the same case with health care reform). This is the same jobs bill that Republicans in the Senate filibustered this weeknot even allowing the legislation to be debated, much less given a simple up-or-down vote. House Speaker John Boehner has promised to never let Obama’s jobs bill get a vote in the House.

Not surprisingly, then, NBC/WSJ also found that Americans already want Democrats to regain control of the House of Representatives just nine months after Republicans won a majority in last fall’s wave election, 45-41.

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Why the Tea Party right is terrified by the Wall Street Protests

It was expected and simply understood that most of the country’s elites (politicians, professional media, corporate barons, official party machines, and whoever was in the White House regardless of party, etc) would side with Bank of America, Citi, AIG, and the ghosts Lehman Brothers and Bear Stern against the Occupy Wall Street protests.

All of those people and institutions exist to keep the others in permanent power, and to keep everyone else that’s not a part of that group utterly powerless and marginalized in every meaningful way. They all had a hand in the rampant risk-taking and outright fraud and criminal activity that led to the financial collapse not just in this country, but across the globe.

What’s surprising is how many conservatives who supported the Tea Party movement have sided with the banks and Wall Streetand against the hundreds of millions of Americans that are suffering at the hands of fraud, criminality, and political corruption banding together in a truly populist movement devoid of partisan politics.

But I suppose not necessarily the reasons why, if you take a closer look.

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The Occupy Wall Street movement is what the Tea Party pretended to be, but never was.

Occupy Wall StreetThe OWS protests are one of those things that in retrospect, I wished I had covered from the very beginning. A truly populist movement protesting against the country’s entrenched powers is increasingly rare due to the great success those powers have had in slowly eroding the lives of the people they control over the past half century.

Labor unions, which had been one of the greatest tools in history to hold establishment power in check, have been nearly wiped out. Middle class wages have been stagnant while the top 1% have repeatedly gambled themselves to the brink of disaster only to have their debts paid by those who can least afford them. Elections are now decided by which corporations have the most money to spend on buying off politicians, while those politicians make it harder and harder for Americans to vote every year.

With people more talented and insightful than I doing that job, I only have a couple of things to add to the discussion.

It’s not at all surprising that joining the “liberal” media, government, high finance, and establishment pundit attacks on the protestors are the freedom-loving, government hating Tea Party’ers who have pretended to be the face of the American people for the past two years. For whatever that movement began as, its dominant trait today is that it has been largely co-opted by the establishment Republican Party and now exists to protect and serve that establishment.

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