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Fox News guest supports drone assassinations by getting everything wrong

Ralph PetersLt. Col. Ralph Peters appeared on Fox News to discuss the Obama administration’s controversial drone assassination program. Peters made some controversial fact-free and misleading statements of his own that, as you’d expect with Fox News, almost certainly left people with not just a lack of facts, but a wrong idea of what happened and why this program is so controversial.

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Friends of Fraud

Paul Krugman’s latest op-ed in the Times, on why the GOP is trying to kill a federal agency tasked with protecting consumers and preventing fraud in Big Finance:

How can the G.O.P. be so determined to make America safe for financial fraud, with the 2008 crisis still so fresh in our memory? In part it’s because Republicans are deep in denial about what actually happened to our financial system and economy. On the right, it’s now complete orthodoxy that do-gooder liberals, especially former Representative Barney Frank, somehow caused the financial disaster by forcing helpless bankers to lend to Those People.

In reality, this is a nonsense story that has been extensively refuted; I’ve always been struck in particular by the notion that a Congressional Democrat, holding office at a time when Republicans ruled the House with an iron fist, somehow had the mystical power to distort our whole banking system. But it’s a story conservatives much prefer to the awkward reality that their faith in the perfection of free markets was proved false.

The Undecade

Krugman on the necessity of Republicans to rewrite history to make their agenda viable:

The point about the fake history that expunges the Clinton years is that it turns the budget into a story in which nobody is at fault because everyone is at fault, and the problem is a generic issue of runaway spending. No, it isn’t; we would have come into this crisis with very little debt if the GOP hadn’t always insisted on tax cuts.

It’s revenue, not spending. The party that made “stave the beast” a platform of its campaigns didn’t cut taxes for you, they cut them to unbalance the budget to create a justification for savage cuts.