Iowa Republicans censor reporter because of her political views

Republicans/conservatives regularly complain that Twitter and Facebook censor them because of their political views (they don’t), but out here in the real world, there are actual unconstitutional acts of censorship happening, where people are being discriminated against because of their political views.

It’s not liberals or technology companies behind it, it’s Republican elected public servants, people who lied when they swore and oath to protect, uphold, and defend the Constitution:

The Republican-controlled Iowa House defended its decision Friday to deny press credentials to an influential liberal blogger who has covered the Legislature for years, a position that could invite legal action.

Laura Belin, who operates the Bleeding Heartland blog, said the House chief clerk hasn’t cited any valid reason for the denial, which she suspects is tied to her critical coverage of Republican leaders and policies. Belin, who has reported on the Legislature since 2007, has appealed the decision and is considering legal action.

Supposed “constitutional conservatives” will no doubt remain completely silent.

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