NY-23 doesn’t mean anything for 2010, even if Republicans win tonight

(Update I)

I’ve spoken with a number of delusional conservatives over the past two weeks that seem to think another wave election is coming late next year – one for them, obviously — which will usher in a Republican takeover of the House, which they lost control over just three years ago as a result of mismanaging this country in historically bad ways.

For context on just how badly Republicans screwed up in the eyes of the American public, Democrats had previously controlled the House of Representatives for forty years before coughing it up under Clinton. The GOP then held a majority for just a quarter of that time before the House flipped solidly back into Democratic hands, along with the Senate, and then the White House as well.

In addition to Democrats already holding a majority of governorships and state legislatures, too.

Center-left nation, anyone?

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House Republicans protest frivolous Dem bills; introduce frivolous GOP bill celebrating Fox News D.C. protests, cite inflated crowd sizes

Every day I think conservatives have finally reached some plateau of ridiculousness in making a mockery of themselves and their country, and then something like this happens, reminding me that GOP stupidity is apparently boundless.

I bring Fox News into this mostly because of the faux outrage from the right over the White House acknowledging what anyone with a brain has known for years; namely that FNC and the Republican Party might as well go to Massachusetts and get married. Fox aired nearly wall-to-wall coverage of the “tea party protests” – protests only attended by Republicans, along with a smattering of eager white supremacists) while other networks like MSNBC covered the events, but didn’t obsess over them.

They were written about in every major paper including the New York Times.

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More fraud: Georgia GOP sends out fake census survey

It would seem that Republicans in Georgia are challenging the Republicans in Connecticut to a contest to see who can pull off the larger fraud on American voters without landing in jail as a result.

Republicans in the Connecticut state legislature were recently kicked off Twitter for using as many as 33 different accounts to impersonate Connecticut Democrats, a violation of the site’s terms of service and quite possibly state and federal law. The consensus in a poll I ran was that those Republicans should be charged with a crime, 86-14, and/or resign, 88-12.

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Republican Fraud Ring in Connecticut Caught Impersonating Dozens of Democrats Online

In what seems like it should be a national news story – but never is because of who the offenders are – a group of state Republicans in Connecticut were caught by Twitter impersonating dozens of their fellow Democratic counterparts sending out GOP-friendly messages under the names of people who hold vastly differing political views.

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Special Comment: There is literally nothing that neo-conservative Republicans aren’t wrong about when it comes to Israel

From time to time I’ll post a comment as an article, either by request, or because something happened and made the comment unavailable. In this case, the seed this comment belongs on was taken down by the community; a link to “American Thinker” for a story titled “Kill the Jews, Save the World“. With a title like that it’s surprising that the seed remained up since October 10th. The first blockquote belongs to the seeder, to which I respond thusly:

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The real boobs here belong to the Republican party, not Meghan McCain

Meghan McCainI have no significant sympathy for Meghan McCain or anybody like her, and I wasn’t snowed over by her a few months back when she criticized the Republican party and for a short time became Public Enemy #1.

The meme on the left was to suddenly embrace her existence and admire her as one of the misguided good guys. If only more conservatives had a head on them like Meghan McCain did, maybe we could stop bickering and start healing divisive wounds, take care of the people’s business, and finally have that ideal country we all dream of.

Frankly that kind of shallow thinking is a good way to get yourself killed someday.

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Who hates America now? Republicans cheer America losing Olympics: “I don’t deny it. I’m happy.” (updated)

(Update below)

You’ve undoubtedly heard that Chicago – the American city that Bush U.N. ambassador John Bolton fantasized about being the victim of a terrorist nuclear attack at CPAC, garnering laughter from the audience – lost the Olympics for 2016. Reportedly it was because of draconian immigration policies which makes you wonder whether or not the United States may be permanently out of the running.

Perhaps you’ve also heard – and this ought to be plenty obvious and expected by now — that Republicans are thrilled that the United States lost the Olympics. No exaggerations, no political grandstanding here, and despite political operatives desperately trying to keep their party from celebrating such a huge loss to our nation, many mainstream conservatives simply can’t contain their anti-American glee.

Bush Deputy Press Secretary Scott Stanzel warned his party on Twitter to “resist the temptation to pile on about Chicago losing the Olympic bid just because Obama made the pitch”.

That admirable suggestion has been roundly ignored.

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“We’re all going to die” rhetoric wearing so thin that the right encourages military coup to solve their political problems (updated)

(Update below)

Things are quickly unraveling for Republicans now that the summer recess has passed and there are no more opportunities for corporate lobbyists to gin up manufactured opposition to health care reform. Originally this story was going to be about how the “we’re all going to die” rhetoric represented two things.

First, there isn’t really anything new about it. Republicans routinely ran ads during the 2008 Presidential campaign directly implying that many Americans would be slaughtered by The Terrorists if they didn’t obey orders from the GOP to elect another Republican to replace Bush. Commercials with ominous music would mix video of ticking clocks, nuclear explosions, and of course pictures of Democratic politicians.

This from the party that showed graphic footage of 9/11 during their national convention last year as some sort of sick celebration.

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Rolling Stone: health care town hall protests tightly orchestrated by corporate funded “right-wing groups”, health care lobbyists

I was just pointed to a story in Rolling Stone from last week confirming virtually everything that progressives have been saying about the fake health care town hall protests over the summer.

Mainly, according to documents that Tim Dickinson uncovered, several right-wing groups worked closely with each other for weeks organizing the supposedly grassroots protests with the help of health care industry lobbyists, corporate funding, and direct help from GOP congressional leadership.

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Neo-con intelligence officials brazenly demand President interfere with, stop criminal investigation

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic wrote a post a few hours ago about a letter written to President Obama, signed by seven former intelligence officials – virtually all of them neo-conservatives and many from the Bush administration – complaining about DoJ investigations into torture at the CIA.

Ambinder dutifully and uncritically transcribed the primary complaints and requests of the letter without noting that what these officials are demanding is the kind of harmful political corruption that the Department of Justice was made famous for under Bush and his many disgraced Attorney’s General.

One hardly has to read the letter to know what it says, once you find out who wrote it. Michael Hayden was NSA director for the entire warrantless wiretapping scandal, and then CIA director under George Bush from 2006 until earlier this year. Hayden’s problems violating federal wiretapping law and the Constitution alone says a great deal about the type of people behind this letter.

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