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Laughing ObamaEllen Carmichael is a former communications director for Herman Cain’s presidential campaign and a propagandist in the truest sense of the word. Reading her Twitter stream is no different than reading press releases from the Republican National Committee, or in this case, literally repeating verbatim, press releases from the Romney Campaign that look like they were written by a stupid and vindictive child.

If there is one place to see the opposite of reality, this is it.

This Tweet came from this embarrassing press release published on September 7th, carrying the title “PRESIDENT OBAMA’S TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD WEEK”.

I sincerely hope that the Romney campaign isn’t paying money to have these written.

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Democratic National Convention easily tops GOP counterpart

The recently wrapped Democratic National Convention easily topped the Republican National Convention in total viewers every single night during national broadcast hours. The DNC ended with 26.2 million, 25.1, and 35.7 million viewers for September 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively. Tuesday’s audience was a 15% improvement over 2008, Wednesday’s fell 3.1%, and Friday’s audience was only 6.9% short.

The Republican National Convention about par for the firs two nights and dropped significantly in the finale. Numbers for the first night of coverage aren’t available due to split coverage of Hurricane Isaac. The convention ended with audiences of 22.3 million, 21.9, and 30.2 million for nights two, three, and four. That’s a 3.4% gain over 2008 for night two, and an 18.7% fall for the finale.

It was speculated that ratings for the DNC would also see a significant fall from 2008, simply because that’s what happened for the RNC. But that’s not the case. The drop-off for the RNC was much worse.

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Watch Democrats commit blatant fraud to jam God and Israel back into the official party platform

And I mean that literally. Here’s a video of the shenanigans where the chair clearly doesn’t have the necessary 2/3rds majority to make a change. He just decides that he does, and rules that way. Sounds a lot like the authoritarian bullshit the GOP pulled with Ron Paul delegates:

This was dumb on a number of levels. First, it takes the party off message during the convention away from the economy, which is actually one of Obama’s stronger talking points given the 1+ million new jobs this year and nearly 4 million new jobs since the end of the recession. Second, it won’t stop false attacks against Obama on Israel or ugly attacks from the radical right on his faith.

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