Watch Democrats commit blatant fraud to jam God and Israel back into the official party platform

And I mean that literally. Here’s a video of the shenanigans where the chair clearly doesn’t have the necessary 2/3rds majority to make a change. He just decides that he does, and rules that way. Sounds a lot like the authoritarian bullshit the GOP pulled with Ron Paul delegates:

This was dumb on a number of levels. First, it takes the party off message during the convention away from the economy, which is actually one of Obama’s stronger talking points given the 1+ million new jobs this year and nearly 4 million new jobs since the end of the recession. Second, it won’t stop false attacks against Obama on Israel or ugly attacks from the radical right on his faith.

Third, it deprives Democrats of the opportunity to attack Republicans for trying to change the subject: “Republicans want to waste time on geography. Democrats want to talk about jobs, the economy, and our ideas for our future.” Fourth, it continues the destructive practice of putting the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of the United States, and the needs of the American people, something that Israel would never, ever do for us. Even when doing so actively harms our interests.

This capitulation was wrong on every level and self destructive, and party leadership had to cheat to do it. I would say that events like this play into the spineless Democrat stereotype, only it’s not a stereotype. The Democratic Party, at least when it comes to hardball politics, is utterly gutless and pathetic.

That’s why there is such an even balance between the two major parties. Democrats are relatively good at governing, and terrible at politics. Republicans are ruthlessly expert at politics, and blow at governing. It’s a match made it heaven, that makes us all sick.

Unbelievable, dishonest cowards. And this was the election that really began to separate Democrats from Republicans, thanks to the GOP’s relentless campaign of lying. And Democrats have to go and pull crap like this.

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