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On Israel being typically awful, Boehner being an imbecile

I can’t recall explaining my views on Israel because I honestly doubt that anyone cares. But given recent events and my criticism on Twitter, I’ll very briefly set the record straight. I don’t see Israel differently than any other country. It has a national government that rarely represents the will of its citizens, about par for the course on this planet.

My precise problem is the overreaction the Israeli government and military display with these horrific temper tantrums that accomplish little more than slaughtering more innocent civilians than are killed or even wounded by Hamas.

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Criticism of Israel is not automatically antisemitism

Articles like this usually aren’t worth writing about, much less defending. So I’m not going to do either. But it is important to promote free and open debate, which is exactly the opposite of what this person is doing.

All too often, especially in the United States, criticism of the Israeli government is smeared as antisemitism in order to immediately end any debate over controversial policies and actions by that government. Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has been criticized especially for its aggressive retaliatory attacks against rocket attacks by Hamas from within Gaza, killing dozens of Palestinian civilians per strike. Israel is a leading beneficiary of American foreign aid and routinely buys many of the most advanced weapons and technology in the world, only to turn around and use it in Gaza. Not to mention the always-expanding settlements in the West Bank, which most of the world — including the United States — consider illegal.

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