On Israel being typically awful, Boehner being an imbecile

I can’t recall explaining my views on Israel because I honestly doubt that anyone cares. But given recent events and my criticism on Twitter, I’ll very briefly set the record straight. I don’t see Israel differently than any other country. It has a national government that rarely represents the will of its citizens, about par for the course on this planet.

My precise problem is the overreaction the Israeli government and military display with these horrific temper tantrums that accomplish little more than slaughtering more innocent civilians than are killed or even wounded by Hamas.

Hamas has very small, extremely inaccurate unguided rockets that land in the middle of nowhere about 99% of the time and they haven’t caused a single injury in weeks or even months. Israeli has American-made laser-guided bombs that weigh as much as a compact car that turn three story apartment buildings filled with civilians into smoking craters in the ground with insane precision:


The last time I put any serious time into researching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict going back decades, I counted more civilians killed by Israel than were killed by Hamas. It’s easy to see why with photos like that one.

It’s never been a question of Israel having a right to defend itself, it’s about excessive force used in retaliation instead of a legitimate interest like self defense.

Besides the blockade of Gaza and collective punishment Israel has inflicted on Palestinians in violation of international law, this behavior is what I consider to be an ongoing war crime targeting civilians that should result, in the very least, United Nations economic sanctions and if necessary, global military action to stop Israel from de facto culling the Palestinian population every few years with these massacres. Because that’s what America would do to any other country other than Israel.

And that’s not even getting into Israel’s hidden nuclear weapons stockpile, which has never been inspected by the IAEA, and exists in violation of international law. (If you noticed the supreme irony of the US-Israeli/Iran conflict over nukes, congratulations. Israel has more than one hundred nuclear warheads and a functioning delivery system, and the country has never signed the NPT Treaty along with India, Pakistan, and South Sudan. Iran signed the NPT in 1968. Israel has never allowed IAEA inspectors into its facilities, while Iran has.)

Before heading off, imagine this happened to America and then think long and hard about what you would do to make it stop:


* * *

John Boehner finally picked a reason for the lawsuit he had previously announced he was going to file, and it’s a laugher. Boehner, on behalf of the House of Representatives, will sue the Obama administration for not enforcing the Affordable Care Act “employer mandate”, which was delayed for a year to allow businesses to better prepare for their obligations under the law.

The GOP’s big “Obama won’t follow the law” lawsuit is over Obama not fully and instantly implementing a part of Obamacare that Boehner and other Republicans insist is killing jobs and should be repealed in full as soon as possible.

Could the Republican Party be any bigger of a joke right now?

* * *

As if there was any doubt, the Cliven Bundy mess has progressed from “anti-government militia” talking shit to what could easily be described as domestic terrorism, with the injury and murder of police officers and federal officials.

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