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On Israel being typically awful, Boehner being an imbecile

I can’t recall explaining my views on Israel because I honestly doubt that anyone cares. But given recent events and my criticism on Twitter, I’ll very briefly set the record straight. I don’t see Israel differently than any other country. It has a national government that rarely represents the will of its citizens, about par for the course on this planet.

My precise problem is the overreaction the Israeli government and military display with these horrific temper tantrums that accomplish little more than slaughtering more innocent civilians than are killed or even wounded by Hamas.

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The John Boehner Fiscal Cliff, and everyone is now Keynesian

John Boeher/spendingThere are a few lingering thoughts I need to get out of my head from the 2008-2012 era, one of them being how Republicans were right that political polling in 2012 was systemically biased (albeit biased against Democrats.)

The other being the many absurdities of the unnecessary and anthropological fiscal cliff (AFC?). What’s missing from the “debate” thus far is how the cliff was almost entirely invented by the Republican Party and represents what — not even two years ago — John Boehner proudly said he wanted and was thrilled to achieve.

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