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It’s time to push back, and push back hard. It’s time for single-payer.

We’ve played this game long enough, liberals have gone beyond compromise well into capitulation. Anyone with a brain – which immediately eliminates birthers, deathers, tea party corporate whores and the 47% of Republicans that don’t think America was once a part of Pangea – knew from the outset that the GOP wasn’t going to support any degree of health care reform.

It wouldn’t matter if the reform bill was 50% tax cuts for billionaires and 49% bulk grants directly to the health insurance companies, while also declaring evolution to be a farce, socialists and gays and atheists to be demons, and that kittens are hugely awesome, it still wouldn’t get their support.

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Dumb People Don’t Deserve Health Care Reform

My subconscious has been slowly digesting developments in the health care reform non-debate and contemplating a way to crystallize it, and now that I think I’ve got my head wrapped around this, allow me to summarize thusly: dumb people don’t deserve health care reform.

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47% of Republicans don’t think North America and Africa were once a part of the same continent (Pangea), another 29% aren’t sure

A new Research 2000 poll has found that nearly half of all Republicans don’t accept the scientific fact that North America and Africa were both once a part of the same continent, called Pangea.

Another 29% said they were not sure.

Only 16% of Democrats and 23% of Independents said no. By region, the American south is once again taking a public beating: nearly 2-in-3 Americans living in the south either don’t believe that America and Africa were once a part of Pangea, or aren’t sure.

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Keith Olbermann confirms censorship scandal of NBC News/MSNBC by GE, and of Fox News by News Corp.

The story I wrote two days ago (mostly repeating the great commentary by Glenn Greenwald) regarding a deal struck between the corporate parents of MSNBC and Fox News seems to have widened last night with direct confirmation from MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

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Explosive GE/NBC and News Corp/Fox News censorship scandal grows wider with talk of “joint defiance”, mini-strikes, and prolonged absences from inside the newsroom

I hesitate to write about this issue because it has been covered so well thus far by Glenn Greenwald for Salon, and by Talking Points Memo, that anything I would contribute amounts to little more than a rerun. On the other hand, this is so disgusting, so embarrassing, and so explosive that it’s impossible not to do whatever possible to spread the word about what is going on.

This all began with a story written by Brian Stelter in the New York Times on Friday, reporting that the noticeable cease fire between MSNBC and Fox News’s two most visible faces and valuable assets – Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly, respectively – was the direct result of an agreement negotiated by the cable news network’s corporate parents to censor their respective news divisions in order to protect their respective business interests.

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Unpatriotic Fox refuses to cover White House presser. Again

Fox has refused for the second time in as many months to air a Presidential press conference, in violation of their responsibility to air news and programming of interest to the public in exchange for free use of the radio spectrum they use that is easily worth billions of dollars on the commercial market.

All the networks are allowed to use this spectrum for free on the condition that they broadcast the news, and this was big news. Anytime the President of the United States wants to talk to the American people, that’s big news, regardless of party politics or loyalties.

But that’s not even the most insulting part.

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