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“We’re all going to die” rhetoric wearing so thin that the right encourages military coup to solve their political problems (updated)

(Update below)

Things are quickly unraveling for Republicans now that the summer recess has passed and there are no more opportunities for corporate lobbyists to gin up manufactured opposition to health care reform. Originally this story was going to be about how the “we’re all going to die” rhetoric represented two things.

First, there isn’t really anything new about it. Republicans routinely ran ads during the 2008 Presidential campaign directly implying that many Americans would be slaughtered by The Terrorists if they didn’t obey orders from the GOP to elect another Republican to replace Bush. Commercials with ominous music would mix video of ticking clocks, nuclear explosions, and of course pictures of Democratic politicians.

This from the party that showed graphic footage of 9/11 during their national convention last year as some sort of sick celebration.

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Rolling Stone: health care town hall protests tightly orchestrated by corporate funded “right-wing groups”, health care lobbyists

I was just pointed to a story in Rolling Stone from last week confirming virtually everything that progressives have been saying about the fake health care town hall protests over the summer.

Mainly, according to documents that Tim Dickinson uncovered, several right-wing groups worked closely with each other for weeks organizing the supposedly grassroots protests with the help of health care industry lobbyists, corporate funding, and direct help from GOP congressional leadership.

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Neo-con intelligence officials brazenly demand President interfere with, stop criminal investigation

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic wrote a post a few hours ago about a letter written to President Obama, signed by seven former intelligence officials – virtually all of them neo-conservatives and many from the Bush administration – complaining about DoJ investigations into torture at the CIA.

Ambinder dutifully and uncritically transcribed the primary complaints and requests of the letter without noting that what these officials are demanding is the kind of harmful political corruption that the Department of Justice was made famous for under Bush and his many disgraced Attorney’s General.

One hardly has to read the letter to know what it says, once you find out who wrote it. Michael Hayden was NSA director for the entire warrantless wiretapping scandal, and then CIA director under George Bush from 2006 until earlier this year. Hayden’s problems violating federal wiretapping law and the Constitution alone says a great deal about the type of people behind this letter.

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Conservatives pretend statement on record Obama inauguration crowd size was actually about 9/12 protests

The story I wrote about the right dishonestly inflating the size of their large, but rather ordinary protest in Washington D.C. this past Saturday did better than I expected. To me, these kinds of outrageous lies have become the norm from conservatives and so were not entirely surprising, if not for the grand scale of it all.

Inflating crowd estimates is nothing new, regardless of party or ideology, but inflating a crowd size by 28 times is pretty darn low.

Even for Republicans.

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Surprise: far right lies about size of D.C. teaparty protests, inflates size by over *66 times*

I first picked up on this from NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen on Twitter. As has been the case with virtually every teabagger protest since the astroturf gatherings were founded, this march on D.C. was the idea of — and organized directly by — corporate lobbyists at FreedomWorks. The site which is soliciting donations,, is owned and operated by corporate lobbying group FreedomWorks.

FreedomWorks was founded by former Republican House Majority Leader and current corporate lobbyist, Dick Armey, and has significant support from billionaire Republican Steve Forbes. Forbes during his runs for President supported the privatization of social security, as most Republicans did, which would have resulted in the wholesale lose of social security during the recent recession.

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Fox’s greed and political bias cost it the ratings race last night

Fox’s greed and distaste for the American public has finally caught up with it; the network fell to second place last night airing original – and typically well viewed – reality programming, with NBC taking home the ratings crown by airing a rare Presidential speech addressing a joint session of Congress.

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Unpatriotic Fox refuses to air third Obama presser in a row

The last time I called Fox unpatriotic — even though it was an ironic gesture to make a point about how absurd it is to say something like this — my story was censored by conservatives that cannot and will not tolerate political dissent in any form.

I don’t blame them, they can’t help but act the way they were taught to act by miscreant parents that were equally as stupid as the children they would come to raise. Who is most responsible for allowing that blatant censorship to stand is another story for another time, however.

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Republican gubernatorial candidate yells “We hate America” and “I hate that flag”

I guess this started around the beginning of the Iraq war. A little before, or a little after, it doesn’t really matter. A news anchor from one of the 24/7 cable networks had just finished introducing his guest as a former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations. There were smiles and cordiality, these were stately and accomplished men supposedly interested in the truth, not rogue partisans out to sell snake oil and lies.

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