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It’s time to push back, and push back hard. It’s time for single-payer.

We’ve played this game long enough, liberals have gone beyond compromise well into capitulation. Anyone with a brain – which immediately eliminates birthers, deathers, tea party corporate whores and the 47% of Republicans that don’t think America was once a part of Pangea – knew from the outset that the GOP wasn’t going to support any degree of health care reform.

It wouldn’t matter if the reform bill was 50% tax cuts for billionaires and 49% bulk grants directly to the health insurance companies, while also declaring evolution to be a farce, socialists and gays and atheists to be demons, and that kittens are hugely awesome, it still wouldn’t get their support.

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Dumb People Don’t Deserve Health Care Reform

My subconscious has been slowly digesting developments in the health care reform non-debate and contemplating a way to crystallize it, and now that I think I’ve got my head wrapped around this, allow me to summarize thusly: dumb people don’t deserve health care reform.

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