More fraud: Georgia GOP sends out fake census survey

It would seem that Republicans in Georgia are challenging the Republicans in Connecticut to a contest to see who can pull off the larger fraud on American voters without landing in jail as a result.

Republicans in the Connecticut state legislature were recently kicked off Twitter for using as many as 33 different accounts to impersonate Connecticut Democrats, a violation of the site’s terms of service and quite possibly state and federal law. The consensus in a poll I ran was that those Republicans should be charged with a crime, 86-14, and/or resign, 88-12.

An additional finding is that because this story never made it into the mainstream press — despite being written about on several of the large liberal blogs – that the myth of the liberal media, which should have theoretically given wall-to-wall coverage to this story, doesn’t actually exist since such coverage never materialized.

News came along just a day later that Republicans in Georgia had been caught sending out surveys designed to trick people into believing they were filling out the coming 2010 census – a survey that we’re all required to fill out under the penalty of law.

According to one Georgia resident who spoke to a local television crew and was a recipient of one of these surveys, the outside of the envelope was marked “Do Not Destroy, Official Document” and included a “Census Tracking Code”.

Looking at a picture of the survey, it’s clear that the Georgia GOP did include some language which would give clues as to where the document originated from, but it’s also clear that they went to great lengths to fool anyone giving a cursory glance to the document into believing that this was in fact the federal census which they were under a legal obligation to fill out and return.

These kinds of underhanded tactics are common within the Republican party, and it should be painfully obvious to everyone that while you may find a corrupt Democrat or two if you look hard enough, it’s nothing in comparison to the institutional corruption within the GOP on every imaginable level. You simply do not see Democrats impersonating their political opponents and then using those fake identities to lie to their constituents, and you certainly don’t see Democrats railing against the national census the way Michelle Bachmann does, only to emulate it in order to trick voters into giving up private information to a political operation they may disagree with.

Is there nothing that Republicans wont lower themselves to do?

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