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Almost half of GOP 2012 hopefuls are regular liars; lying correlates almost perfectly with radicalism

Nate Silver did something I’d been meaning to do for the last couple of weeks. He looked at the ratings for the top 2012 GOP candidates on Politifact to measure their relative truthiness.

The first and only response I’d expect to the following information from conservatives is to dismiss Politifact as liberally biased, as part of their epistemic closure problem. But that’s plainly false (one might even say PANTS ON FIRE) when you look at how many “true” ratings Politifact has done for Sarah Palin (10) and John Boehner (15), and “false” ratings for President Barack Obama (49). (To be fair to the President, Politifact has rated over 300 statements by him, so they’ve also rated 78 statements true and lot in between.)

Not to mention the fact that Politifact has a Pulitzer Prize for their excellence in journalism during the 2008 presidential campaign. That alone is going to make the right hate these guys.

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