Bigot Juan Williams interviews racist Pat Buchanan on Fox “News”

KKK CartoonJuan Williams is the moron that got himself fired from a lengthy and respected career at NPR, which is just about the country’s only credible news organization these days, for telling Bill O’Reilly — who blames all Muslims for 9/11 — that “when I get on the plane … if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

Not four months after 9/11. Not three years. Williams is still pissing his pants just looking at Muslims a full decade later. Buchanan, of course, is a well known white nationalist that frequents radio shows hosted by well known white supremacists and has written several books complaining about how much it sucks that America is getting less and less white every year.

So naturally, Williams is the perfect choice by Fox News management to interview Buchanan on whether or not Buchanan is a racist. This isn’t much different than one cop with a record of excessive force interviewing another cop with a record of excessive force on whether or not excessive force is a problem in law enforcement.

This incident should make people laugh hysterically at FNC just for the setup. But shouldn’t it be at least a little bit controversial in the first place that FNC has an anti-Muslim bigot on its staff, pretending to be a journalist? Isn’t it worth at least a footnote in the news that the first place Pat Buchanan ran — and has appeared multiple times being fired by MSNBC — to peddle his racist views, was Fox News? The home of racism on American television?

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