Scott Walker Imports Voter Suppression Thugs In Wisconsin Recall

After Wisconsin news outlets reported Monday that Republican Governor Scott Walker would not be challenging recall signatures, the embattled governor quietly submitted a request asking that the state elections board accept challenges from an effort involving a Texas organization with a history of voter suppression.

Watching CNN’s GOP primary coverage earlier tonight, I found it disgusting but typical of the corrupt media that CNN was trying — and failing — to make a big deal about a liberal radio host urging Democrats to vote for Rick Santorum in the Michigan primary. They only noted in passing that the reason Democrats can do this is because Michigan is one of many states that have open primaries where registered voters can cross party lines, and that it’s been that way for years. They pretended that this was deeply unfair and even an underhanded attempt by Democrats to rig the GOP primary to get the weakest candidate, without noting the following actual stories:

1. Democrats were being urged only to vote for Rick Santorum, implying that Santorum can’t be Barack Obama. This went right over their air heads.

2. Michigan awards proportional delegates, meaning anything short of a rout (80%+) for Santorum would make very little to no meaningful difference in the overall primary.

Meanwhile, actual instances of vote suppression, election rigging, and outright fraud taking place in Wisconsin perpetrated by Republicans loyal to failed Governor Scott Walker go completely ignored. Hence the disgusting, but expected, media double standard where the media goes out of its way to pretend that Democrats have scandals and behave badly — while they aren’t — while ignoring even worse behavior by Republicans.

They need this double standard because there’s a simple fact they refuse to accept: Republicans behave worse than Democrats. People of both ideologies lie and act badly, but not in equal proportions. Not even close. If the media reported fairly on both parties, 80% of the stories would be negative stories about Republicans. Because 80% of the wrongdoing in politics is done by Republicans.

That’s why we don’t have a liberal media and the suggestion is laughable. We have, at best, a corrupt and rotted media. At worst we have a conservative one.

Source: Alternet.

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