Breitbart’s Death: The Conspiracy Insta-Theories

Sure didn’t take long for the lunatic fringe that was Brietbart’s creation and main following to remind everyone that they are, indeed, lunatics:

Within an hour of the announcement of relentlessly partisan internet provocateur Andrew Breitbart’s death, his most vociferous fans memorialized him in the most appropriate way possible: They launched conspiracy theories about an assassination on Twitter.Radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller announced his conspiracy theory within minutes of the news breaking.

“He told me RECENTLY he had big dirt on Obama… MANY believe it’s murder!”

“Andrew Breitbart threatens Obama at CPAC with a video, then suddenly dies? This MUST be investigated as an assassination Obama – WTF?”

“#Breitbart dead at 43? My suspect list includes George Soros and Obama”

“Breitbart dead at 43???? that sounds fishy to me. Does Soros have an alibi??????”

George Soros and President Obama killed him? Oooook. And the right wonders why we say the lies, smears, and wild conspiracy theories spewed by people like Andrew Breitbart are so damn dangerous to our society. When you create lunatic idiots who will believe literally anything, you’ve endangered us all.

And while it sucks that he’s dead, for his friends and family, let’s not forget how many lives Brietbart wrecklessly attacked and destroyed purely for poliitcal gain and personal profit, without a single shred of remorse.

Source: Gawker.

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