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GOP insiders: This is Romney’s “Lehman moment”, “not ready for prime time”, “unbelievable”, “disgrace”, and “a disaster”

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney was already losing this race. He’s lead fewer than a quarter of national polls going back to 2011 and has never once lead the national average. He didn’t get a bump from the Republican National Convention while Barack Obama got a 6-7 point bump, and all relevant electoral college projections show a relatively easy win for Obama (five for five).

When you’ve been losing since before you won your party’s nomination, and are still behind with less than two months to go, as Greg Mitchell put it, “We’re at that point during a campaign where party with losing prez candidate starts to worry about taking big hit in Congress.”

Even a poor jobs report last Friday didn’t help Romney. Obama’s gains in the polls include the day the jobs report was released and several days after.

That goes a long ways towards explaining mistakes like this that always come from desperate campaigns and desperate candidates.

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