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Misunderstanding the platinum coin

It’s time like these that America really suffers from having a media that’s dumber than the general public is ignorant, one more interested in telling doom and gloom tales that make for good entertainment, and therefore good ratings, than it is interested in educating the public by reporting all the facts and who is lying.

The short-term effects of the platinum coin idea are easy to understand, which exacerbates the issue. I’ve heard that even Jon Stewart got most of it wrong while trying to make it funny, precisely because everyone already feels like they understand it well enough to not have to do research. That has lead to several fundamental misunderstandings which need to be explained.

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The GOP’s mentally unstable base of power

I’m not entirely sure what to make of the proliferation of crazy on the political right these days. The latest conspiracy theory is that the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre was staged by the government as a pretext for gun control, that nobody actually died. And people believe this lunacy so completely that they think a grieving father is something worth laughing at.

With a society as large as ours is, you’re going to have crazy people in just about every demographic. But symmetry doesn’t always apply to the law of large numbers. There are liberal nuts out there, like 9/11 truthers. But let’s face it, there are more nuts in one basket than the other.

Conspiracy theories that you’ll find within the political right include FEMA concentration camps involving the census, Barack Obama being a Muslim from Kenya, NAFTA being a pretext to a single worldwide government, civil servants faking job reports, an army of gun-toting IRS agents, death panels, terroist training Mosques, at least one Muslim mole in the State Department secretly enacting Sharia Law, the Deep Water Horizon rig was sabotaged by enviromental terrorists, plots by the United Nations to take away all our freedom fries, Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster murdered, one-time nutzo Bill Ayers wrote some of Obama’s books, Obama had Andrew Breitbart murdered, and about a million others.

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