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Allen West lectures women on serving in combat

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta formally repealed the ban on women serving in the military this afternoon, subject to any objections the services may have. Some expect the special forces to object based on many of the same views that people used to justify the ban, mainly that women aren’t physically capable of doing what men can do. Repealing the ban meant rejecting that view overall, so I don’t see why it could be true in a subset of service but not true overall, given the unpredictable nature of combat. Especially when the Joint Chiefs supported lifting the ban unanimously, and surely they all would have considered this very issue.

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A path for the GOP to win 2016

It’s not my job or interest tell the Republican (or Democratic) Party how to win elections. I’m not an analyst. But I’ll make an exception and give the GOP the most amazing gift it’ll ever receive, one small piece of data culled from exit polls over the past 40 years that will tell it how to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, how to keep control of the Texas state government for the next decade, even as Hispanics become a majority, and how to keep Arizona from becoming the next Nevada or Florida.

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