Annual poll: PBS most trusted, Fox News least, and still the right’s only news source

PPP has its annual poll (PDF) out for TV media trust. PBS looks the best, while this line sums up perhaps the biggest thing holding conservatives back from informed voting and debate: “We find once again this year that Democrats trust everything except Fox, and Republicans don’t trust anything other than Fox.” There’s no two sides to that, Republicans are stuck in an information bubble and suffering from classic epistemic closure. They are living in a fantasy world where propaganda, misinformation, and lies are the business model — giving people what they want to hear to keep ratings high and viewership loyal — rather than giving them news which may be depressing instead of uplifting and may paint conservative policies in a bad light for legitimate reasons.

Increasingly, the old “they really do live in their own world” insult used against conservatives is transforming into a statement of fact backed by significant evidence and hard data. When you only trust a single media outlet, regardless of what that outlet is, you’re definitively stuck in an information bubble and that bubble is your world. But it is not the world.

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