Federal judge nixes HHS political interference over contraception pill

A Brooklyn federal judge, in a Friday slap at the Obama administration, ordered the feds to end all age restrictions on sales of the controversial morning-after pill.

The Food and Drug Administration was given 30 days to abide by the ruling from Judge Edward Korman, who blasted U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius in his decision.

The FDA made the right call by approving Plan B for all ages based on sound science and medicine, while HHS did the always wrong thing and overrode based on politics and/or personal morals.

That’s the sort of faith-based governance we got from the Bush administration and it was disappointing when the Obama administration continued that civic malfeasance. It’s a disservice to the people and heartening that the courts are bringing common sense to the table by putting medicine and science before politics and other considerations.

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