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North Carolina’s GOP is in very deep shit

Pat McCroryRepublicans won control of the North Carolina legislature in 2010 for the first time in a century, and captured the governor’s mansion last year. They haven’t been shy about pursuing an extremely conservative agenda in what’s become a critical battleground state that has a fast growing liberal population in Charlotte and Raleigh.

They’ve passed the most regressive voter ID law in the nation, pushed new regulations on abortion clinics, rejected a federally-funded expansion of Medicaid for the state’s 500,000+ poor, severely cut unemployment insurance despite the state’s 9% unemployment rate which is fourth or fifth highest in the nation, on and on.

Polling from late June found that the state party was too far to the right even for the state’s Republican voters. Voters overall opposed two competing budgets 49-19 and 50-17, opposed a consumer finance interest rate hike 68-2, a plan to allow guns in schools 66-21, and freshman governor Pat McCrory’s job approval rating plummeted from by 20 points between January and June.

Since then, things have gotten significantly worse for Republicans here.

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