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Conservative-on-conservative violence over Obamacare continues

Mediaite had some real gems today as the GOP civil war rages on:

– Bill O’Reilly has occasional moments of lucidity outside the echo chamber and they are often enlightening on the radical/establishment divide. These days it seems like the gap between the two is that the establishment understands the damage their agenda can do to their own interests because they don’t want to lose power. The other side cares more about agenda purity even when it represents a threat to the agenda itself. Even amongst ludicrus delusions like this, there’s still some sanity leaking out. There’s also kernels of truth, if you look for it. O’Reilly’s comment on liberals and money reveals how corrupted some people become. To some people, like I guess Bill O’Reilly, money is happiness and they can never have too much of it. And when money becomes more important than the welfare of your country, that’s pretty much the end of it.

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