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More than a few unasked questions about the incident in the capitol

The incident with the woman who seems to have tried to ram a security barrier in D.C. this afternoon already has significant problems. There are retractable security barriers in the roadway around the Capitol that can be raised in an emergency to stop traffic by force. One police cruiser ran through one going 40 or 50mph and was destroyed by it.

Apparently most of them weren’t raised until the woman’s car had made it all the way down to the Supreme Court, and it’s not at all clear yet if they stopped her even there, or if it was something else.

There’s one really important aspect of all of this that I doubt will be addressed for days, if at all, because people will fall into old patterns of heart-first-brain-last behavior. Our tendency to rally around others and praise them to excess ends up turning off critical thinking skills far too often.

It’s troubling that the Capitol Police fired their weapons into a car occupied by a child, more than once, until they successfully killed an unarmed driver. Before you jump to their defense by arguing that a car qualifies as a deadly weapon, I agree, but there are exceptions to that guided by common sense.

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This is why Obamacare is keeping the GOP awake at night

Once the exchanges came online, we were bound to hear stories of devout Republican voters finding that most of what they’ve heard from their party about the Affordable Care Act was wrong, or an outright lie.

It was inevitable. There are too many Americans having health insurance problems to not see widespread improvement, even from a shaky roll out of Obamacare.

Call this story from Think Progress cherry-picking if you want, we’ll see as time rolls on if this is an exception, or the rule. But it’s probably going to be the rule.

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