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This is who shut down your government

Much of what the Republican Party has done in the past month takes me back to the day after the 2012 election. Like a lot of people, I listened to Rush Limbaugh in a sort of intellectual masturbation. I wanted someone to suffer for making me listen to Mitt Romney and his merry band of sociopathic primary opponents for six straight months.

A number of really awful events come to mind. At the Tea Party debate in Tampa, Florida, Ron Paul asked a rhetorical question: should a person without insurance be allowed to die? Paul’s answer was no, but several people in the audience enthusiastically shouted “Yes!” in response. Mark Williams, former chairman of the Tea Party group that sponsored the debate, was forced to resign from it in 2010 after displaying bigoted views of no fewer than three hot-button groups: Jews, Muslims, and African Americans.

A week later in Orlando, a gay soldier serving in Iraq asked a question about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. The service member was booed by the GOP-friendly crowd and not a single Republican candidate for President spoke out against it. Rick Santorum didn’t answer the question and frankly didn’t seem to understand it, saying that “Any type of sexual activity has no place in the military.”

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