This Minnesota Republican thinks AIDS in men is caused by sperm itself

Meet Bob Frey, a Republican candidate for the Minnesota House has some thoughts he’d like to share with you about the origin of AIDS:

When you have egg and sperm that meet in conception, there’s an enzyme in the front that burns through the egg. The enzyme burns through so the DNA can enter the egg. If the sperm is deposited anally, it’s the enzyme that causes the immune system to fail. That’s why the term is AIDS – acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

I don’t care if people instinctually believe the worst about people in the opposition party, and knock Democratic policies that you oppose with all you want, but you just don’t find this level of ignorance stupidity on the left in viable candidates and elected politicians. Whether it be denying climate science or evolution (both of which are denying science itself), or insane crap like this, this isn’t a bipartisan problem where “both parties have their idiots”. They do, but this isn’t about being an idiot. It’s about being only a few steps about the dreaded R-word.

This is what the Republican Party gets — the price it pays — for several the horrible strategies its using to remain relevant in a country that is quickly leaving them behind as relics from an area when education for children was more of a privilege than a necessity, and Stone Age ignorance was unvoidable. Refusing to treat Latinos, African Americans, and women as human beings combined with a decades-long (ironically elitist) jihad against higher education and intelligence has forced the GOP to not just accept, but actively court extremely stupid and hateful people into its ranks to remain competitive nationally with the Democratic Party.

This candidate is not an aberration, either. He’s the AIDS/gay equivalent of Paul Ryan on fiscal matters, James Inhofe on climate science, and Sarah Palin on the Affordable Care Act. Remember her imaginary death panels? That’s not too far a stretch away from Glenn Beck/Michele Bachmann/Alex Jone’s FEMA reeducation internment camps for conservatives.

It’s getting to the point where Democrats don’t have to have good policies and ideas to win elections, they just have to have an IQ above room temperature and they’ll win by default. And I wrote that with some dismay — it’s hard something to brag about, that one of the two major parties in this country is so stupid that all the other party has to do to win national elections is not talk.

Note: I found a few more things on Bob Frey while looking for a picture of him to go with this post. From Raw Story:

Bob Frey, who cites his work in helping Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) to defeat a “profiles in learning” education program as a major accomplishmenttold the MinnPost that his opposition to the “gay agenda” was about the “financial impact of that agenda.” […] And earlier this year, Frey distributed a DVD that claimed an anti-bully bill was part of a plot to infect the general population with AIDS through sodomy.

People shouldn’t have to be reminded that education is one of the first things to be cut when Republicans savage social spending. An educated America has simply stopped being a priority for the Republican Party, if it ever was. The result is this: a borderline retarded Republican Party.

Who could have seen that one coming?

One thought on “This Minnesota Republican thinks AIDS in men is caused by sperm itself

  1. Yes – education is the first to go and the North Carolina budget, the Republican controlled legislature just signed off on – wait for it – took a giant sword to education. There seems to be only one thing the Republican Party supports – making lots of money for the leadership’s family and friends. Take a look for yourself – from small town politics to the federal government, the Republican leadership is always about, “All Me, All the Time”.

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