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The Tea Party’s War on America

Joe Nocera says what everyone is thinking today, and what some people have been saying for the past couple of years, RE: the American Taliban:

You know what they say: Never negotiate with terrorists. It only encourages them.

Like ideologues everywhere, they scorned compromise. When John Boehner, the House speaker, tried to cut a deal with President Obama that included some modest revenue increases, they humiliated him. After this latest agreement was finally struck on Sunday night — amounting to a near-complete capitulation by Obama — Tea Party members went on Fox News to complain that it only called for $2.4 trillion in cuts, instead of $4 trillion. It was head-spinning.

These last few months, much of the country has watched in horror as the Tea Party Republicans have waged jihad on the American people. Their intransigent demands for deep spending cuts, coupled with their almost gleeful willingness to destroy one of America’s most invaluable assets, its full faith and credit, were incredibly irresponsible. But they didn’t care. Their goal, they believed, was worth blowing up the country for, if that’s what it took.

It was clear since the GOP caused a near-government shutdown earlier this year that Republicans have gone off the deep end, willing to destroy this country to get what they want from Big Government politically. It’s why I named this blog Scorched America, from the Scorched Earth strategy where if people can’t have life their way, they’d be perfectly happy destroying it as an alternative. That’s the Tea Party and increasingly the Republican Party itself, in a nutshell.

WorldNetDaily: Oslo Attacks Were a Left-Wing Conspiracy

The right is performing amazing contortions to simultaneously defend the beliefs of the Norway terrorist without condemning the violence, all while blaming someone — anyone else — for what happened:

“The official story makes no sense,” Savage told WND. “This looks like a classic conspiracy.”

“This has all the appearances of a cover-up,” Savage told WND. “They created their Reichstag fire. They found their Timothy McVeigh. They created their Jack Ruby. How could one man have blown up the downtown and then raced to the island to kill the teens?

“This is likely a fabrication of the Labour Party, who needs to hold onto power to enforce their multi-culturalist, Muslim-favoring, anti-nationalist views,” he continued, “especially in light of the earlier ‘credit’ for this atrocity claimed by the radical Muslim group whose leader they were threatening to deport.

The language used by Michael Savage, “multi-culturalist, Muslim-favoring, anti-nationalist views” is virtually indistinguishable from the language that Anders Breivik used in his manifesto to justify his violent actions. It’s entirely unsurprising that the right has found itself compelled to defend Anders Breivik’s beliefs precisely because they have so many things in common.


Arkansas High School Appoints White Co-Valedictorian Because Top Student Was Black

The titlte really does tell the whole story:

A high school southeast of Little Rock would not let a black student be valedictorian though she had the highest grade-point average, and wouldn’t let her mom speak to the school board about it until graduation had passed, the graduate claims in Federal Court.

Kymberly Wimberly, 18, got only a single B in her 4 years at McGehee Secondary School, and loaded up on Honors and Advanced Placement classes. She had the highest G.P.A. and says the school’s refusal to let her be sole valedictorian was part of a pattern of discrimination against black students.

But racism is dead in America because of Obama.

… right.

Glenn Beck compares Norwegian campers to “the Hitler youth”

Radio and television blowhard Glenn Beck of course has to join the growing ranks of right-wing whackjobs who are trying to find that delicate balance between sympathetically explaining the nuanced motivations and “legitimate concern about genuine problems” of the Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik and all-out praise of his name as a “serious political thinker with a great many insights and some good practical ideas on strategy.”

In his Monday morning tirade, Beck praises himself for having the foresight to warn about the downfall of Europe and its takeover by “radical Islam.” He explains why, although Breivik is a right-winger, it’s a different kind of right-wingerism than what we have in America whereby, through some Beckian magic, he’s actually like the left wing of America. And of course, there’s this:


BECK: And then there was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like, you know, the Hitler youth or whatever. I mean, who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics? Disturbing.

Is anyone surprised by this? Is this guy nothing more than what the American right says and thinks every day, just with action taken?

*That’s* disturbing.

Repubs ask court to toss same-sex marriage in NY on technicality

There had been a trend I’ve noticed of some conservative opponents of gay marriage who have resolved themselves to accepting same-sex marriage when passed by a state legislature, as opposed to legalized through the courts. I guess their thinking is that if it’s done by the legislature, then it’s an expression of the will of the people. But if done by a court — even if it’s a ruling that bans violate the state or federal Constitution — it’s somehow tyranical and legislating from the bench. (This is ignoring the fact that conservatives love to wrap themselves in the flag as the biggest lovers and defenders of the Constitution when it’s conveinent to do so.)

Apparently that trend is over:

Conservative groups on Monday filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court challenging the legality of the state’s same-sex marriage law.

The lawsuit, in which New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom (NYCF) is the primary plaintiff, seeks an injunction on the Marriage Equality Act, claiming that open meeting laws were violated, campaign contributions were promised, and Senate rules on debate were violated in order to enact the law, which took effect on Sunday.

This is especially ironic since conservatives overwhlemingly opposed the lawsuit in Wisconsin that attempted to strike down Governor Walker’s deeply unpopular anti-union law for … violating an open meetings law.

Since Norway Massacre, At Least Four Mass Shootings In The U.S.

In the wake of the tragic bombing and shooting rampage in Norway, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence pointed out this morning that mass shootings are startlingly common in the U.S., with its much laxer gun laws. In a typical year, fewer than 10 people are killed by guns in Norway while 12,000 are shot and killed in the U.S. annually (the U.S. is about 60 times bigger than Norway but has 1,200 times more gun deaths): Since the Norway massacre, there have been at least four mass shootings in the U.S., leaving six dead at a roller rink in Texas, one dead and eight wounded in Stockton, CA, nine teens wounded at a party in Florida, and seven wounded at a Casino in Seattle.

With the new revised death toll, the number of people killed in that one event in Norway is about the number of people killed in the U.S. by guns every two days.

Cue NRA rally in Norway.

GOP Rep. Akin: Obama Is a “Flaming Socialist” on Debt Negotiations

In an interview with PoliticsMo, Rep. Todd Akin (R-OH) called President Obama a “flaming socialist” who is incapable of negotiating with Republicans on raising the debt ceiling. The fact that Akin would deem Obama a hardcore socialist after the president has caved to nearly every Republican demand, agreeing to slash trillions in spending and cut social safety net programs, in exchange for a what should be a non-controversial move to pay off the country’s debt shows just how far Akin is willing to diverge from reality to attack the president.

Rather, it shows how detached from reality Republicans are and how willing they are to say the boldest lies imaginable to the American people. And there will be no repercussions from this. It is excepted that nothing Republicans say is truthful so things like this aren’t a scandal, it’s the status quo. The non-reaction you’ll see is proof of that.

And this is why our government is so dysfunctional. You can’t have a good and effective government when part of it is run by serial liars with no morals or ethics.


Fox Juxtaposes Norwegian Terrorist Attack, NYC (PARK 51) Islamic Center

Friday night on The O’Reilly Factor, guest host Laura Ingraham did a brief report on the terrorist attacksthat killed dozens of people in Norway. She began by saying, “In the ‘Back of the Book’ segment tonight, two deadly terror attacks in Norway, in what appears to be the work, once again, of Muslim extremists.” She went on to describe the attacks, which involved a bombing in Oslo and a mass shooting.

Ingraham then immediately transitioned into a segment on Park51, the planned Islamic community center near the World Trade Center, by saying, “In the meantime, in New York City, the Muslims who want to build the mosque at Ground Zero scored a huge legal victory. A Manhattan judge dismissed a lawsuit by former New York City firefighter Timothy Brown, who was trying to stop construction of the mosque. Bill O’Reilly spoke with a lawyer for the Muslim developers yesterday.”

Friday’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor was recorded, so, despite the fact that several outlets were already reporting at the time the show aired that the suspect in the attacks was not linked to any Islamist groups, Fox News viewers were left with that impression anyway.

This is why Fox News viewers are consistently the most misinformed people in the country. Stay classy, Fox News. Keep showing the world what filthy, hateful bigots you are.

Alleged Norwegian Terrorist Posted Video Outlining His Conservative Beliefs, Depicts President Obama As A ‘Marxist’

Norwegian news reports confirm that Anders Behring Breivik, the gunman detained in connection to the terrorist attack yesterday in Oslo and Utoya Island, has confessed and called his actions “necessary.” This afternoon, reports emerged that Breivik had recently posted a political YouTube video outlining why “Christian soldiers” and “cultural conservatives” should rise up against “multiculturalism,” Muslims, and what he viewed as Marxist influence in society. The video, which was taken down and subsequently posted on other YouTube accounts, also features President Obama as part of a threat Breivik referred to as “Cultural Marxist Deconstruction.”

How odd, I’ve never heard anyone say those things about Obama before. Weird.