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Neo-con intelligence officials brazenly demand President interfere with, stop criminal investigation

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic wrote a post a few hours ago about a letter written to President Obama, signed by seven former intelligence officials – virtually all of them neo-conservatives and many from the Bush administration – complaining about DoJ investigations into torture at the CIA.

Ambinder dutifully and uncritically transcribed the primary complaints and requests of the letter without noting that what these officials are demanding is the kind of harmful political corruption that the Department of Justice was made famous for under Bush and his many disgraced Attorney’s General.

One hardly has to read the letter to know what it says, once you find out who wrote it. Michael Hayden was NSA director for the entire warrantless wiretapping scandal, and then CIA director under George Bush from 2006 until earlier this year. Hayden’s problems violating federal wiretapping law and the Constitution alone says a great deal about the type of people behind this letter.

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