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Why the Tea Party right is terrified by the Wall Street Protests

It was expected and simply understood that most of the country’s elites (politicians, professional media, corporate barons, official party machines, and whoever was in the White House regardless of party, etc) would side with Bank of America, Citi, AIG, and the ghosts Lehman Brothers and Bear Stern against the Occupy Wall Street protests.

All of those people and institutions exist to keep the others in permanent power, and to keep everyone else that’s not a part of that group utterly powerless and marginalized in every meaningful way. They all had a hand in the rampant risk-taking and outright fraud and criminal activity that led to the financial collapse not just in this country, but across the globe.

What’s surprising is how many conservatives who supported the Tea Party movement have sided with the banks and Wall Streetand against the hundreds of millions of Americans that are suffering at the hands of fraud, criminality, and political corruption banding together in a truly populist movement devoid of partisan politics.

But I suppose not necessarily the reasons why, if you take a closer look.

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