North Carolina GOP introduce saner voter ID bill

House Republicans unveiled their long-awaited voter ID bill Thursday, offering a less restrictive version than the measure that was vetoed by Democratic Gov. Bev. Perdue two years ago. [..]

The bill would accept driver’s licenses up to 10 years after their expiration date, student IDs from public universities, state employee IDs, and would allow persons older than 70 years to use old IDs. It would also require the state to provide free photo ID’s to those who claim financial hardship.

This bill is much better than the last one. Making the required ID available for free addresses one of the biggest flaws in virtually all voter ID legislation.

But it’s still a solution in search of a problem. There is virtually no vote fraud in America. The only people who don’t have confidence in our elections are the people pushing these big government bills that restrict freedom, that restrict the most important right of all, the right that makes the second amendment pointless and archaic: the right to vote.

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