Here come the vote suppression laws

And just as the North Carolina GOP finds a modicum of sanity on voter ID laws, they roll out brand new vote suppression laws aimed squarely at keeping Democrats out of the voting booths:

Chuck Tryon is one of the 57 percent of North Carolinians who cast their ballot before Election Day last year.

He said it was convenient for both him and his wife, who live in the Raleigh suburb of Holly Springs but face a long commute to their jobs in Fayetteville.

“It is incredibly valuable to us,” said Tryon, an English professor at Fayetteville State University. “I have always appreciated it.”

But early voting – a practice in North Carolina since 2000 – may soon be sharply restricted if the Republican legislature has its way. The legislature is considering bills that would reduce the early voting period from two and half weeks to one week, and would end Sunday voting. It also would end the practice of allowing persons to register and vote on the same day at early voting sites.

There are three important facts that everyone should know. One, that there’s virtually no vote fraud in America according to the five-year Bush-run Department of Justice investigation.

Two, Democrats vote early in larger numbers than Republicans do.

Three, young voters and first time voters in 2008 that supported Barack Obama registered and voted in the same day in massive numbers. Apparently the Republican Party has had enough of all of that and rather than win fair elections with ideas, they’re settling for stealing them with undemocratic laws designed to make it harder for Democrats to vote.

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