North Carolina voters already disgusted with their new all-GOP state government

Pat McCroryPublic Policy Polling surveyed 500 North Carolina voters between June 12th and June 14th, and the results are a real disaster for the state Republican Party.

North Carolina saw Republicans win control of the state legislature in the national 2010 GOP-wave and elected its first Republican Governor last year for the first time in over 100 years. The state GOP immediately pushed abortion restrictions, voter ID requirements, cuts to education, a rejection of an expansion of Medicaid (90% would be paid for by the federal government), a refusal to create a money-saving health insurance exchange under Obamacare (allowing the federal government to step in and run one on North Carolina’s behalf instead), and other conservative issues that had nothing to do with jobs.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate was 8.8% in May, the fifth highest in the nation.

According to PPP, voters disapprove of the job the GOP-dominated legislature has done 56-20 and the GOP state government 51-39. Even Republican voters aren’t happy, disapproving of the legislature 40-36.

Voters disapprove of the job that Republicans are doing in the legislature 49-36, and Democrats 47-35. 48% of voters say they would vote for a Democrat in the state legislature if an election were held today, and 41% would vote for a Republican.

Voters oppose the state House budget 49-19 and the state Assembly budget 50-17.

Voters oppose an increase on consumer finance interest rates 68-2, legislation that would put guns in schools 66-21, and an amazingly anti-business, anti-free market, anti-freedom, pro-Big Government (and possibly unconstitutional) bill that would effectively ban Tesla from selling its electric cars in North Carolina 48-18.

Republicans also oppose all three bills as a separate group.

PPP’s President Dean Debnam said “The Republicans in control of the legislature have moved to the right even of Republican voters in the state.”

Freshman GOP Governor Pat McCrory, who was just elected last year, has seen his job approval rating plummet from +26 to +6. It’s sitting at 45-39 and is likely to fall further.

Other issues:

* 72% of voters support legislation requiring the teaching of cursive writing in public schools.

* 67% of voters oppose the recent arrest of a Charlotte Observer journalist covering a protest.

If not for aggressive gerrymandering in the past three years, Republicans would face losing the state legislature in 2014 or 2016 based on these results, and McCrory may end up a one-term Governor.

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