Dozens of Republicans shutdown impeachment inquiry by illegally rushing into a secure national security facility

A gaggle of extremely stupid Republican Congressmen violated a secure area where Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry was taking witness testimony today.

A SCIF is a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, any room or building where classified information can be accessed and handled. Its physical construction is governed by strict Department of Defense procedures to protect state secrets, and as far as I thought, it’s guarded by armed security who can and will shoot you for trying to enter the facility without authorization.

Somehow a rather large group of idiot Republicans — without authorization — stormed their way into one of these “security” rooms because they were sadface that they aren’t members of the relevant House committees that would give them legal access to the impeachment inquiry, and somehow they didn’t get shot.

I’m not advocating violence here but let’s be serious, if I had done what these clowns just did, I would have gotten shot. And frankly, they damn well should have been, too. At the very least they should all be detained in handcuffs, strip searched, their electronic devices (they took their phones inside the SCIF which would get any normal government employee fired and brought up on charges of espionage) seized and extensively searched for any evidence that classified information was illegal accessed and potentially copied, and potentially transmitted to America’s enemies.

This is that serious. Americans coming home from vacations abroad face more physical scrutiny than these morons have thus far. Every single one of them should be expelled from Congress for this stunt, and if possible, brought up on charges for illegal attempts to violate national security.

At the very least, every one of these stupid shits has guaranteed that they’ll never be allowed into a SCIF again in their lifetimes. If any of them have security clearances, they really seriously need to lose them. Permanently.