Trump pretends to fire Bolton, after Bolton resigns

Pathological liars can’t stop lying no matter what the circumstance. As far as I understand it, it’s a form of obsessive compulsive behavior. It doesn’t matter how trivial the issue, nor the perceived gain or stakes at hand. If one talks, one lies. It’s uncontrollable and a defined mental illness. It’s usually that simple. But maybe not with someone suffering from other mental health issues such as Donald Trump, who is believed to have narcissistic personality disorder.

While it’s not understood why most pathological liars behave the way they do, we can guess that many of Trump’s lies are driven by his extreme need to be at the center of attention, and to be seen as always in complete control of everything.

Hence, sociopath John Bolton offers to resign his position has national security advisor last night, and Trump lies that he instead asked Bolton to resign instead. For almost any other President this wouldn’t matter, it amounts to little more than semantics. But for Trump, it’s him rewriting every single situation to place himself at the center of it. Nobody quits on Trump, they only leave if he fires them.

Not a day goes by that Republican Donald Trump doesn’t lie about at least one thing. You don’t get rung up for lying over 12,000 times any other way.