Failing New York Post’s hit piece bombs hard

The disgraced and financially failing tabloid New York Post (never forget it’s a garbage non-news tabloid, not a real paper) is eating its own foot today. Nobody can confirm the laptop hard drive, pictures, docs or email that supposedly belong to Hunter Biden are even real. Nobody, not even the Post itself, has been able to confirm the authenticity.

The Trump campaign has been trying to manufacture a fake hoax scandal with Hunter Biden that simply does not exist outside of their imaginations and sick fantasies, so an unknown actor (possibly Russia, which has been grooming fuckup Rudy Giuliani for intelligence operations against America for years) invented fake emails and files and fed it to useful idiot Giuliani, who then fed it to useful idiot Donald Trump. Giuliani even admitted that he gave it to the failing tabloid instead of a mainstream media outlet precisely because it was such suspicious garbage that nobody would run it.

Trump keeps begging Russia and other foreign nations (and blackmailed Ukraine!) and they are damn well trying desperately to help. We’ve had warnings from the NSA and CIA for months and years that Russia was planning on intervening on Trump’s behalf AGAIN, this is a Russian disinformation black op trying to sway the US presidential election in favor of Donald Trump (again!).

The U.S. Secret Service needs to stand by with handcuffs and probably some sort of medical drug sedative to use on Trump, if he snaps and has a psychotic mental breakdown on election night, or the day after. There needs to be a plan to physically remove him from the White House complex in January, if need be, if he’s clearly lost but refuses to concede.

Military officials need to stand strong after election night and remember that their oath to the Constitution trumps the President being their Commander-in-Chief. Their duty to the law and the constitution is their highest loyalty. Refuse illegal orders! Stand down and let civilians sort it all out.