The GOP’s obsession with vote fraud is based on their arrogant belief that they can never lose

What causes Republicans to always lie about the integrity of elections when they lose, but never when they win? The supreme belief that in a free and fair contest, Republicans can *never* lose.

Do we even need to discuss how arrogant and narcissistic that proposition is?

It’s not a new thing that conservatives routinely and perpetually believe a majority of Americans agree with their political and social views. They say every election that no matter the outcome (even when they get slaughtered, especially when they get slaughtered) that America “remains fundamentally a center-right nation.” And they believe it, too. Many Republican politicians honestly believe that their political beliefs are so popular with the public and so inherently correct (perhaps divinely so), that they can only lose elections if somebody cheats.

I honestly believe that if Republicans weren’t afflicted with such crippling narcissism and arrogance, that we’d probably see an end to mainstreamed false accusations of mass vote fraud in America from the right, because American elections for the most part are quite secure from systemic fraud.

Believe it or not, America is pretty damn good at holding fraud-free elections, and has been for quite some time. There’s a reason that the entire world looks up to America when it comes to free and *fair* elections, and it’s because we have and hold them all the time. America wouldn’t have such a great reputation in the world for fair elections if we were constantly plagued by mass vote fraud. It simply does not exist in any appreciable amount here.

I’d love for Republicans to explain to me sometime:

If Democrats successfully stole the election for President this year, why did they lose seats in the House and not gain enough seats in the Senate to secure a majority there? Democrats were widely expected by everyone to expand their House majority and with moderate confidence, secure a Senate majority, as well as win the race for President.

Senate Republicans were very much expecting to lose their majority. Instead, Democrats lost seats in the House and probably won’t win the handful of seats necessary for Senate control. If Democrats “stole” the election, why did they not bother with Congress?

If so many ballots were fraudulent, why aren’t they arguing that all the Congressional races on these ballots also be tossed? If the ballot itself is tainted then every single race on that ballot has been tainted, taking away votes for not just House and Senate Democrats, but also House and Senate Republicans as well. So far, the Trump campaign and its supporters crying “mass vote fraud” have only argued that various states not be allowed to certify Joe Biden the winner, but seem very much to not care about all of the Congressional races that would also be affected.

If hundreds of thousands of ballots are indeed fraudulent, would Republicans not also benefit by getting the Congressional races sorted out, thereby perhaps winning their party ever more seats in the House and maybe not losing Senate seats all?

Why is it Democrats are able to steal some elections (those that Republicans lose) but not all elections? Why did Donald Trump win in 2016 if Democrats are capable of stealing the election in 2020? Donald Trump has claimed more times that I can count that there were millions of fake votes in 2016, which were the sole reason that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. But the Trump campaign did nothing in court to peruse that claim.

And why didn’t Democrats steal the election in 2000 – which would have required only 528 fake/forged/modified/stolen ballots to seal a Florida win for Al Gore? Are we to believe that Democrats were able to fake/forge/modify/steal hundreds of thousands of ballots spread cross a half dozen states in 2020, but not even 528 ballots in one single state in 2000?

If you reduced this to an argument among children or teenagers, it instantly reveals itself as one side being sore losers with no valid evidence to back up their claims, and their claims are revealed as those of an immature child unwilling or incapable of accepting and admitting defeat, because they are incapable of accepting that a large number of Americans — even a majority — don’t actually agree with their policies and views.